What Type Of Adventurer Are You?

Take this quiz to find out you adventure personality—and where you should go!
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The holidays are over and the winter blues are here, bringing rain, snow and biting temperatures. But a great way to stay positive this winter is by booking your next vacation, be it a warm-weather escape right around the corner or an exciting far-flung journey to look forward to later.

Each new year brings entirely new travel opportunities, and thankfully a fresh set of oh-so-precious vacation days. So how should YOU make the most of them?

With the world full of possibilities, it can be tough to pinpoint exactly which adventure is ideal for you and your specific #travelgoals. That’s why Royal Caribbean is partnering with the international authority in personality research, CPP-The Myers-Briggs® Company, to create the ultimate tool to help you discover your adventure personality and recommend specific tips and destinations for your 2018 travels: MyAdventurePersonality.com.

Partnering With The Best
The Myers-Briggs® Company is best known for their personality Type Indicator® assessment, having long been the foremost expert in the field, making them the perfect partner in developing the 13 travel questions we use to identify the distinct motivations, preferences and social needs of different travel personalities.

As CEO Jeff Hayes says, “Vacations are one of the few times in life we’re truly allowed to focus on ourselves. Our research team and Royal Caribbean’s travel experts put their heads together and created a way to quickly map our personality preferences to travel planning.”

Encouraging everyone to act on their wanderlust, this engaging tool helps travelers, like you, to do just that by digging into your adventure personality. By combining nearly 50 years of vacation experience with the research expertise of Myers-Briggs®, adventure seekers of all ages can better understand their adventuring style. What’s more, you can have your whole crew take the quiz so you can better understand how everyone prefers to travel.

Journeys For All Travel Types
Since travelers are all different, it’s only natural that different destinations and activities complement us more than others. If you’re a Spontaneous Sightseer, for example, at the last minute you may decide that zip lining over Canadian rapids is how you prefer to sightsee, whether or not you’ve got your crew with you. A Social Seeker on the other hand would know from the get-go what they want to experience, plan ahead and get a group on board—whether it’s to dogsled in Alaska or scuba dive in Barbados.

Not every adventure is all about getting your adrenaline pumping though. If you’re a Relaxation Artist, you might prefer visiting your favorite seaside restaurant to kick back and have a glass of wine in the Greek Isles. And a Laidback Wanderer? They’ll go with the flow wherever they end up, be it a rum distillery in the Caribbean or a whale-watching tour in Nova Scotia.

Whichever type of adventurer you are, MyAdventurePersonality.com will allow you to explore your travel persona with insights into your travel style, so you can make the most of your vacation this year.

Best Time To Book
Once you’ve discovered your travel persona and found inspiration for your perfect destination at MyAdventurePersonality.com, it’s time to put this new knowledge to use! And now is actually the best time to book your next adventure with our Wave Season deals offering 30% off every guest (and plenty more perks).

Ready to book the perfect trip for your adventure personality? Head here to start planning an unforgettable 2018.