With SoundSeeker, Royal Caribbean is Changing the Photo-Sharing Game

A first of its kind, SoundSeeker fuses artificial intelligence and music to set your vacation photos to a customized soundtrack.
by 637

Woman riding the zipline.

Imagine if you could “hear” what every moment from an unbelievable trip sounded like. Turning the traditional vacation photo album on its head, Royal Caribbean has created a never-before-seen tool that will take a cue from your most memorable photos and create an original soundtrack.

SoundSeeker™, the new, groundbreaking mobile experience powered by Artificial Intelligence technology (AI), analyzes the colors, light, landscape, backdrop, emotions, body language, and facial expressions in your favorite pictures. In 30-45 seconds, the program then masterfully produces a customized musical track based on your photos’ characteristics, complete with a shareable video of those best memories.

We teamed up with experts at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, AI specialists Unit 9 in London and cinematic composers at Plan8 in Stockholm to develop SoundSeeker™. Everyone had a special part to play: Unit 9 taught the AI how to “read” the feeling and mood of a photo; Berklee used music theory to create a roadmap that matches the moods in your picture with the right style of music, and Plan 8 produced original music to match each mood, accounting for pitch, tempo and instrumental combinations.

Here’s a deeper look at how all the parts come together to create fun, shareable videos of your unforgettable moments with one-of-a-kind soundtracks:

All in all, there are more than one million customized tracks that have been composed exclusively for this Royal Caribbean program. The music takes inspiration from a wide variety of genres, including 90s hip-hop, rock, modern and electronic dance music. No two SoundSeeker™ songs are quite alike, but all are genuinely distinct and crafted to perfectly accompany your photos.

This brand-new way to share your vacation with everyone is easy and free! Here’s all you’ll need to do:

  1. Go to SoundSeeker.com
  2. Pick out three photos (no more, no less) from your Facebook, Instagram or photo library.
  3. Upload your favorites and let SoundSeeker™ work its magic!

Whether you tasted authentic, spicy cuisine across the Caribbean, or explored the otherworldly landscape of Reynisfjara Beach in Iceland, your #TBTs just hit a new high note.

We’re always looking to bring new, innovative experiences to travelers, whether that’s through can’t-miss onboard adventures—such as the FlowRider surf simulator; unique journeys in destinations around the world like an overnight stay in Havana, Cuba, or an unexpected way to document it all with SoundSeeker™. And why wait till you’re back at home to post your favorite memories? You can share your modern-day photo album while on board with VOOM, the fastest internet at sea.

If you’re ready to go on your next vacation, you and the crew can find your ideal Royal Caribbean cruise here. Something tells us you’ll have more than enough vacation pics for many customized SoundSeeker™ soundtracks and videos to come.