4 Cruise Experiences That Make a Difference

Connecting with local causes can be an adventure all its own.
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You’re not just a tourist – you’re a traveler. And that means you like to truly connect with the places you visit, whether you’re helping baby sea turtles find their way or funding a young musher pursuing their Iditarod dream. These experiences will give you a peek into the local culture and a chance to give back at the same time.

Shelling Out

What: The beaches of Cozumel don’t just draw sun-seekers – every evening, sea turtles hatch and scramble toward their life at sea. ‘Save a Sea Turtle’ lets volunteers help dig out the 20% of baby sea turtles unable to climb out of the nest and get them on their way. Aid local conservation efforts by joining the rescue crew.

Why It’s For You: You’ll be vacationing on a beach, sure, but you’ll also make a huge difference for sea turtles.

Find It In: Cozumel, Mexico

Save A Sea Turtle Tour CZT1 3


Fresh Paint

What: Spend an afternoon painting, gardening and sprucing up the Casa de Gaiato orphanage, founded in 1940.

Why It’s For You: After you help make a better space for the young “Gaiatos,” you’ll make a lasting connection over lunch and a fútbol – aka soccer – game.

Find It In: Lisbon, Portugal



Gentle Giants

What: With 160 billion tons of water flowing into and out of the bay every day, the Bay of Fundy is one of the most dramatic seascapes in the world. It is also home to many finback, minke and humpback whales making it almost certain (as in a 97% likelihood) that you will spot one on this whale watch.

Why It’s For You: For each trip you take, Royal Caribbean “adopts” a local right whale – one of the most endangered whales in the world – and puts funding towards conservation and education programs of the North Atlantic Right Whale Adoption Program.

Find It In: St. John, Canada



Husky Helper


Roll through the dramatic Yukon landscape, with photo stops at Tormented Pass and Pitchfork Falls, aboard the 19th century White Pass & Yukon Railroad to reach the dog sled camp at White Pass summit. Here you will get a live racing demo with some of the young dogs and youngest mushers aspiring to race the legendary Iditarod.

Why It’s For You: Your visit will help fund the musher’s training for the 2017 Iditarod.

Find It In: Skagway, Alaska

Goldrush Sled Dogs and White Pass Train Adventure


Check out more destinations you can explore to help make a difference.

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