A Very Royal Recipe: Epic Homemade Brownie

An Italian twist on a classic brownie.
by 234

Rich chocolate brownies are nothing short of a sweet-tooth’s staple. The version onboard Anthem of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas —courtesy of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver—kicks the classic up a notch with caramel and amaretti. The combo of salty crunch and sweet, fudgy brownie makes for one unforgettable dessert.

The Jamie’s Italian chocolate brownie is what a true brownie should be! Full of proper Belgian chocolate, we use a no nonsense 70% cocoa grade chocolate – never powder – for a grown up indulgent flavour. We also use light brown muscovado sugar which gives a warm and nostalgic caramel undertone.

If you’re making brownies at home, a top tip is don’t over bake them. If you are able to use a temperature probe and cook until the brownie reaches 75 degrees centrigrade, you’ll have a moist, gooey brownie every time. Simply the best!

Just in time for National Brownie Day, we’re giving you the recipe.

Yields: One portion


1 chocolate brownie

3 ½ tbsp. (1 scoop) salted caramel ice cream

1 tsp. caramelized popcorn

4 tsp. chocolate sauce batch (hot)


1. Spoon over hot chocolate sauce

2. Top with one scoop of ice cream

3. Garnish with caramelised popcorn

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