How to Sneak in Learning on Vacation

Adventure Ocean kids program entertains and teaches.
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No kid wants to think about learning on vacation. But no parent wants a kid to go an entire trip without learning something, either. Royal Caribbean’s “edu-tainment” opportunities like Adventure Ocean, the onboard youth club, offers programming for kids ages 3-5 (Aquanauts), 6-8 (Explorers) and 9-11 (Adventurers), and while it may all feel like fun to the kiddos, they’ll come away from the trip with a few new skills, fun facts and memories. Here are a few ways the Adventure Ocean team will sneak in some education along with all the laughs:

Science Scholars

Grab a lab coat! Science experiments may include building a volcano, learning about fossils, exploring weather patterns and even discovering the ways whales communicate via sound. “The kids are so engaged and instead of learning about science from a book, they’re doing and creating,” says Jeanette Loury, Royal Caribbean’s manager of guest activities and entertainment.


Art Aficionados

Get those hands dirty with some amazing art projects – kids might try their hand at making models and sculptures out of clay or creating a colorful kite, or staff might clear out the furniture and roll out a gigantic piece of paper for the group to create a mural illustrating all the creatures under the sea.

Drama Devotees

Kids have all kinds of opportunities to indulge their inner performer onboard: Think theater games, improv activities and even a talent show. “What parent doesn’t love to see their child performing?” Loury says. “We see cartwheels, hula hooping, magic tricks… and we try to make it during a sea day so everyone’s onboard to enjoy it.”

Cultural Connoisseurs

Everyone will bring home a few lessons about a new culture after their cruise, maybe it is a bit of knowledge about Tumba or Soca music, but maybe it will be about the songs of whales and how they communicate. “Sounds of the sea is all about the ocean and marine life,” says Loury. “It’s fun, the kids are engaged and get to do things, not just sit there reading from a book.”


Travel is one of the best ways for kids (and their parents) to learn about the world whether in one of our programs, on a scavenger hunt in Alaska, a walking tour of Bruges or one of our other family friendly excursions.


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