Not your Everyday Father’s Day

Consider skipping the classic tie and tool for a more memorable gift.
by 545

Moms and kids everywhere will agree that Dads can be hard to shop for. So, what are some Father’s Day gift ideas that don’t involve the mall or hardware store? Check out these modern Dads’ suggestions for making the celebration a little more special.

Have a Dad photo shoot. You might assume Dad doesn’t like to get his picture taken, but if it involves being with his kids and then receiving framed evidence he can show off at home or in his office, he could be all for it.

“In past years on Father’s Day, we’ve packed up the family and headed to a park for a picnic and some photos,” says Adam of DaDa Rocks. “My wife takes dozens of pictures of the kids with me… some of them are the kids climbing on me, me playing around with the kids, and some are just nice pictures of us posed together.  A few days later she’ll give me a great framed picture to bring to work.”

For Fred of Mocha Dad, family photos have been a Father’s Day fixture ever since his first daughter was born.

“My three kids and I dress in matching t-shirts and one of them holds a Happy Father’s Day Card,” he says. “I started this tradition when my thirteen year old daughter was an infant. The annual photo chronicles my journey as a father.”

Draw Dad. Turns out Dad might enjoy being a model, too.

“Every year, my kids draw a picture of me for Father’s Day,” Fred says. “Their pictures always make me laugh and I love to see how their drawing skills improve from year to year.”

Give Dad a break. Some other kid-related activities may not qualify as particularly entertaining for Dad on his special day – namely: diaper duty.

“With a three-year-old and a one-year-old, all I want is to not change any diapers for a day. From wake-up to bedtime, 0 pee diapers, 0 poop diapers,” says Adam of Hanging with Dad, father of Isaac and Elliot.  “If I can get that, I would be a happy man. Last year we got close, but I had to change one toward the end of the day. This year, however, I’m hoping for a victory.”

Want to give Dad an extended, leisurely break from more than just diaper duty? He can lounge, swim, zipline, rock climb, wine taste and more on a Royal Caribbean International cruise. Bring the whole family and Dad may soon be adding luminous sunsets, crystal blue waters and his kids conquering the FlowRider to his photo collection.

Happy Father’s Day!