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22 Questions That You've Been Asking

By JoWednesday 08th October 2014

We understand that many of you will have questions prior to jetting off on your holidays; to help you on your way, we’ve put together a list of your most frequently asked questions, providing you with the all-important answers.

kids on the beach

So, take a look below and find out all about your exciting holiday, and if you’re still stuck, just come and chat with us or take a look at our FAQ page.

Things onboard

  1. How do I sign up for the kids club / teenager club?
    As soon as you arrive onboard you’ll be greeted by our Adventure Ocean staff, they’ll then be able to enrol your children onto the kids and teenager clubs . Once they’ve been enrolled, your little ones will be gifted with handy wrist bands that can be used to identify them in the case of an emergency.
    Don’t worry if you miss this opportunity while boarding though, at any point throughout your time onboard your kids can join in with the fun at our fantastically exciting clubs.
  2. How many formal nights will there be?
    This all depends on which ship you’re sailing on, as no two cruises are exactly the same. Generally, there’s around one per sailing, but if you really love it, you can celebrate the formal night tradition any night you like on the brand new Quantum class ships at The Grande – think cocktails and 1920s flapper girls.
  3. What does smart casual mean?
    Smart casual lies somewhere on the clothing spectrum between suited and booted,and jeans and a t-shirt – think shirt and tie with chinos for guys and beautiful cocktail dresses for women.
    Check out our blog post on what to wear onboard , to find out more about onboard fashion.
    caribbean beach

    What to pack

  4. Can I take my hair straighteners/curling iron onboard?
    Yes, you can bring along your curling irons and hair straighteners, so you can choose between the tousled beach look and smouldering poker straight hair.
  5. Does Royal Caribbean provide hair dryers in their rooms? Yep, each one of our rooms is provided with a hairdryer to style your hair, whether it’s for a day by the pool, or in preparation for your evening out. Find out more about our staterooms.
  6. Does Royal Caribbean provide irons in their rooms?
    You can’t bring your own iron , or have an iron in your room, as it’s a fire hazard. However, don’t worry about any unwanted creases in your clothes, as we offer our very own Laundry and Dry Cleaning service onboard.
  7. What kind of adaptor do I need for electrical goods?
    All of our Royal Caribbean ships are fitted with the North American standard 110 volts AC and the standard European 220/230 volts AC outlets. You can use standard UK electrical items onboard, but you’ll need an adaptor to use the UK 3-pin plugs in either the 2 flat pin US socket or the 2 round pin Northern Europe socket, both of which are used in the staterooms.
  8. How many suitcases can I take?
    If you tend to pack a lot for your holiday, then you’ll really appreciate our 90-kilogram baggage allowance. However, if you’re planning on flying first, be sure to check with your airline whether or not the 90-kilogram baggage allowance is available on their flights. Each airline has a different limit on the amount of luggage they allow, so it’s always good to check the specifics.
    If you’ve got any more questions regarding luggage, take a look at our luggage FAQ page.
    Royal Caribbean FlowRider

    All about our ships

  9. Where do Royal Caribbean cruises depart from in Southampton?
    Most of Royal’s UK cruises depart from Southampton’s port; take a look at our directions there to make sure you don’t get lost. Plus, you can look forward to more and more of our cruises leaving from Southampton, as Anthem of the Seas will be sailing from there in 2015.
  10. How long does it take to disembark from a Royal Caribbean cruise?
    Before you reach the end of your cruise, you’ll be allocated a specific departure time, which you’ll receive via a letter delivered to your stateroom. When your last day onboard comes around, be sure to meet at your allocated time and place; from there, you’ll be guided off the ship by a member of the crew – all of this should take no longer than 30-minutes. Take a look at our disembarking FAQ page to find out more.
  11. When does Anthem of the Seas launch?
    We get asked this a lot, and we know why – we’re just as excited about its launch as all of you! Fortunately for those of us who are far too impatient to wait, we haven’t got long, as Anthem of the Seas will be setting sail in spring 2015, on 22nd April
  12. How big is Anthem of the Seas?
    Anthem of the Seas is a spacious ship; 1,141-feet in length and 134-feet in width. Able to carry up to 4,180 guests at double occupancy in 2,090 staterooms, which are spread across the 16 guest decks. Read more about Anthem of the Seas , to learn about all the exciting things you can get up to onboard.
    delicious desserts

    Eating onboard

  13. I have dietary needs e.g. coeliac, vegetarian, halal, kosher
    Going out for dinner and trying new foods is something we all enjoy on holiday, which is why we’ve worked hard to create a range of menus that suit most diets. If you suffer from a gluten allergy, keep an eye out for meals labelled ‘GF’ on our menus, as these have been crafted to not include gluten. Not only that, but if you ask a waiter to create your favourite meal minus the gluten, they can easily arrange this with one of the chefs.
    The same goes for those of you following a vegetarian diet; we offer an extensive choice of delicious vegetarian options throughout all of the restaurants, which means you can enjoy dining out wherever you choose.
    On top of all this, you can also request access to our onboard kosher menu, just make sure you email our team at least 60 days prior to your holiday. We don’t yet provide halal meals, but we’re working on changing that soon, so keep an eye out for any future developments. Further details about dietary needs can be found here.
  14. I may need additional help, e.g. medical condition, disability or pregnant
    We welcome guests with special requirements or disabilities, and work hard to provide the utmost support for you during the entirety of your holiday. From making sure you’re comfortable during the first stages of your pregnancy , to providing a helping hand for those less abled, we promise you’ll have a fantastic holiday, regardless.Take a look here for more information on accessibility.
    Quantum Class North Star

    Booking your holiday

  15. How do I contact Royal Caribbean?
    There are a number of ways you can contact Royal Caribbean, whether you just have a quick question or need further information on booking a holiday. To get an answer quickly, try our list of FAQs , or contact members of our team on Facebook or Twitter. For information on booking, visit our contact page for an email address and list of telephone numbers.
  16. When do 2016 cruises go on sale?
    Great news, you can book your 2016 cruise holiday today! To see what kind of holiday you could be enjoying next, take a peek at the amazing destinations and itineraries for 2016.
  17. Where do I find out about the drinks packages?
    Here at Royal, we offer a number of different drinks packages, from fruit juices and water for kids, to cocktails, wine and beer for adults, so you’re bound to find the right package for you. Take a look at our variety of drink and dining options to find out more.


  18. How much does Wi-Fi cost on Royal Caribbean?
    Guests will enjoy connectivity like never before onboard our Quantum Class ships with speeds that match broadband connections onshore thanks to dedicated satellites from our technology partner O3b. Our Wi-Fi rates can be found here.
  19. How much is gratuity on Royal Caribbean?
    To make your time onboard that little bit easier, we automatically add $12.00 service charge per guest, per day to your SeaPass account. If you’re lucky enough to be in a Grand Suite stateroom or above, the daily charge will be just over that, at $14.25.
    Alternatively, you can pay in cash directly to the crew members you wish to recognise for their service. However, in the unlikely event that you don’t receive satisfactory service, you can request to modify (increase, decrease or remove) the daily amount by visiting Guest Services.
    If you want to know more about gratuities onboard, then check out our FAQ page dedicated to it.
  20. How to book excursions on Royal Caribbean?
    If you’ve spotted a shore excursion you can’t wait to go on, then be sure to book it prior to your arrival. If you want to know more about our exciting shore excursions and stunning destination ports, then head over to our shore excursion FAQ page.
  21. How do I find out if a specific activity will be available onboard a ship?
    Has an onboard activity caught your eye? To find out if the activity you want to try out is available onboard your ship, try out our Onboard Feature Comparison site.   Alternatively, if you’d prefer to ask someone from our team, just contact us today.
  22. How do I find my Crown & Anchor membership number?
    Finding out your Crown & Anchor Society membership number is relatively easy; if you’re already a society member, then simply use our online look-up form, where you will then automatically receive your membership number via email.
    If you don’t have an email address, then just give the Crown & Anchor team a call on 0344 493 5010, or 1800932 356, ROI. They’re open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 6.00pm, and on a Saturday between 9.00am and 4.00pm.

Got any more questions for us? Get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter, where a member of our team will be able to help.

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