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Besides a positive test result, are there any other reasons I or my travelling party would not be able to board the ship?


Our Refusal to Transport Policy, which includes a non-exhaustive list of reasons why you may be denied boarding, can be found at https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/refusal-to-transport.pdf.  Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Prior to boarding, or at any time during the voyage, failure to comply with our safety and health policies
  • Failure to provide evidence of being fully vaccinated for COVID-19;
  • Failure to provide truthful answers to our health questionnaire;
  • Evidencing COVID-like symptoms, including but not limited to temperature readings that equal or exceed 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit / 38 degrees Celsius;
  • In addition, Anthem of the Seas® sailings departing from 7/7/2021 - 8/29/2021, bookings restricted to residents of United Kingdom including the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, guests travelling from any other country will not be permitted to sail.

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