Global Purchase Terms and Conditions

The Global Purchase Terms and Conditions govern your purchases of goods or services made in the pre-cruise period, at the pier, or while onboard, either from or through Royal Caribbean Group and/or its affiliates. Such purchases include, but are not limited to shore excursions, drink packages, transportation, onboard activities, and private destination access and activities. They apply to your purchases regardless of your Primary Country of Residence.

Global purchase terms and conditions 1

Global Purchase Terms and Conditions

Global Purchase Terms and Conditions 6

Shore Excursions Health Acknowledgment

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO GUESTS: Please carefully read the Global Purchase Terms as well as the applicable Cruise Ticket Contract or Booking Conditions as they contain important limitations on the rights and obligations of passengers, as well as conditions, limitations, and exclusions that may apply to you.

For guests participating in a shore excursion, it is important that you carefully read the Shore Excursion Health Acknowledgement made available below in relation to the inherent risk of exposure to pathogens (such as the virus that causes COVID-19) in places where people gather.