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Craving a last-minute getaway? Pack your bags because you’re just one click away from adventure.

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Got More Interesting

Book a short cruise and turn your weekend into a routine-rewriting adventure. Whether you’ve set your sights on Cozumel, Key West or The Bahamas, the planning’s all been taken care of — all you need to do is pick a port, select your dream itinerary and get ready for the best weekend ever.


This is your Perfect Day at CococaY

There’s no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ vacation — especially on Perfect Day at CocoCay. Whether your ideal beach getaway involves larger-than-life thrills or unwinding at a peaceful waterfront chill spot, you’ll find there’s no right or wrong way to make the most out of your adventure — only on Royal Caribbean®.



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Weekend Like You Mean It

Short on time? No problem. Our quick getaways are bar-raising adventures designed to change the way you weekend. Whether you’re into action-packed thrills or beachside chill, you’re just one click away from vacation mode.



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Your Bucket List Won’t Check Itself

It’s never too late to book a last-minute adventure. Roam ancient Maya ruins in Mexico. Catch some

rays and discover a world of thrills onboard ships as exciting as the destinations they visit.


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