10 Night Tokyo To Singapore Cruise i Radiance of the Seas fra Tokyo, Yokohama, Japan Kyoto (Osaka), Japan Mount Fuji Cherry Blossoms
- Den 10 Night Tokyo To Singapore Cruise fra Tokyo, Yokohama, Japan besøk Kyoto (Osaka), Japan; Kobe, Japan; Kagoshima, Japan; Hong Kong, China; Singapore, Singapore. Utforsk våre cruise reiseruter og velge mellom en rekke rom avhengig av dine behov og budsjett. Begynne å planlegge din neste cruise ferie ved å velge en destinasjon og avreise port.
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10 Night Tokyo To Singapore Cruise
Itinerary Overview
Explore Radiance of the Seas
Day 1 - Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan
Day 2 - Kyoto (Osaka), Japan
Day 3 - Kobe, Japan
Day 4 - Kagoshima, Japan
Day 5 - 6 - cruising
Day 7 - Hong Kong, China
Day 8 - 10 - cruising
Day 11 - Singapore, Singapore
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Kyoto (Osaka), Japan Mount Fuji Cherry Blossoms
View of Mount Fuji with beautiful cherry blossoms in the Spring in Kyoto, Japan
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10 Night Tokyo To Singapore Cruise

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Reiser fra
Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan
Om bord
Radiance of the Seas
Dag Havn
Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan
Avviker på 5:00 PM
Kyoto (Osaka), Japan
Fra 3:00 PM - 11:59 PM
Kobe, Japan
Fra 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Kagoshima, Japan
Fra 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM
5 - 6
Dag på sjøen
Hong Kong, China
Fra 7:00 AM - 11:59 PM
8 - 10
Dag på sjøen
Singapore, Singapore
Ankommer 6:00 AM
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ditt skip Radiance of the Seas

ditt skip
Radiance of the Seas
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Radiance of the Seas Aerial
An aerial image of Radiance of the Seas
Get to know
Radiance of the Seas
Ekstravagant fem-retter på Chef's Table. Et fantastisk show med sang og dans i City of Dreams. Filmer ved bassenget og minigolf på dekket. Radiance of the Seas® tar deg med til fjerne oppdagelser på land og til sjøs.


Nye opplevelser venter overalt om bord på Radiance of the Seas®. Bli med på et slag minigolf, eller nå nye høyder i klatreveggen. Deretter kan du slappe av med en film på lerretet ved bassenget eller besøke Vitality℠ at Sea Spa og Fitness-senter.


Gjør deg klar for mat som er like spennende som reisemålene, for eksempel autentiske smaker fra Toscana på Giovanni's Table og eksotiske asiatiske retter på Izumi. Hvis du vil spise på en moderne biffrestaurant med en ny vri, besøker du Chops Grille℠. Du kan også nyte et femretters kulinarisk høydepunkt på Chef's Table.


Er du klar til å la deg rive med? Det himmelske showet City of Dreams tar deg med fra Atlantis til Venezia, mens Piano Man vekker gamle minner med klassikere på tangentene. I tillegg kan du oppleve opptredener fra gjesteunderholdere rundt omkring på skipet, for eksempel allsang til piano i Schooner Bar og live-konserter i English Pub.

Dag 1: Tokyo, Japan

Dag 1
Yokohama, Japan
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Tokyo, Japan, Sensoji Temple
The Sensoji Temple in Tokyo, Japan
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Avviker på 5:00 PM
Yokohama is the central gateway to exploring Tokyo, a once-humble fishing village that is now one of the world's biggest, most densely populated cities. You'll find an eclectic mix of traditional shrines and soaring skyscrapers lining these neon-lit streets. Walk the Rainbow Bridge over Tokyo Bay alongside the Yurikamome Rail Line, a futuristic, operatorless train system. Then, see old Tokyo at the Imperial Palace, an Edo Castle surrounded by moats and gardens perfect for strolling. Cruise to Tokyo and head to iconic Sensoji Buddhist Temple and pass below the massive red paper lantern of the Thunder Gate. Then, unwind in Yoyogi Park, a literal forest in the heart of the city, complete with Zen gardens and a gingko tree forest.
Tokyo, Japan, Geishas at Sensoji Temple
Two geishas walking by the Sensoji Temple in Tokyo, Japan

Let Tokyo Impress You

Whether you take a guided tour or explore on your own, Tokyo will never disappoint. Scope out the cutting-edge fashion in Harajuku and learn all about Otaku culture in Akihabara. Stop off at the forested Meiji shrine and see the bright Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, a well-known geisha district.
Tokyo, Japan, Great Buddha bronze statue
A bronze statue of the Great Buddha in Japan

Seaside Escape

Every summer, Tokyoites escape the heat by heading to the picturesque town of Kamakura. Take the classic Enoshima Electric Railway to the breathtaking Hase-Dera temple housing a gold-leafed statue of the goddess Kannon. Known for the popular Giant Buddha (Daibutsu), you can spot Mt. Fuji from the nearby charcoal black beaches of Inamuragasaki park.
Tokyo, Japan, Sankeien Garden
The Sankeien Garden in Japan

Garden of Architecture

Sankeien Garden is the extravagant creation of a 20th-century silk trader. Dotting the grounds are 17 recreations of iconic buildings from across Japan. All perfectly balanced according to the season, the garden is a celebration of Japan. Cruise to Tokyo and join in a traditional tea ceremony, and learn how to wear a kimono.
Tokyo, Japan, Chicken yakitori
Chicken yakitori on a white plate

Local Cuisine

Japan has some of the world's most renowned cuisine, and Tokyo is the epicenter of all that goodness. Try nigirizushi-style sushi, with simple, single cuts of delicate raw fish served over vinegared rice. Indulge in Tokyo's unique approach to the pan-Japanese noodle soup ramen — here, thin, wavy noodles luxuriate in a soy-infused chicken broth. Or snack on yakitori, grilled chicken skewers seasoned simply with salt or tare, a savory blend of fish-infused dashi broth, soy and vinegar.
Tokyo, Japan, Kimonos on a rack
An assortment of kimonos on a rack in Japan


Harajuku in the heart of Tokyo is a shopaholic's dream. From the weird to the classy, you'll find the latest fashion and the coolest brands. For a broader experience, head to Yokohama's 150-year-old Motomachi Shopping street. Hosting a massive sale in September and February, Motomachi has something for everyone. Jump onboard a Tokyo cruise and make sure to bring home some of the region's famous silk, either in the form of a floral kimono or scarf.

Dag 2: Kyoto, Japan

Dag 2
Osaka, Japan
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Kyoto (Osaka), Japan Temple Pink Flowers
The Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto, Japan surrounded by pink flower trees
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Fra 3:00 PM - 11:59 PM
Easily accessible by train from Osaka, Kyoto was Japan's ancient capital city. Today, it remains the country's unofficial capital of culture, history and cuisine. Explore the centuries-old Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist temple, perched a top a hill surrounded by cherry trees. Center yourself at Fushimi Inari-taisha Shinto shrine, with its long, meditative rows of red <em>torii </em>gates. Cruise to Osaka and stroll through mysterious gardens of raked gravel at Ryoan-ji temple, or roam through a bamboo forest at Arashiyama, called the Philosopher's Path for its peaceful, reflective vibe. Then, see the bustling side of Kyoto at the Higashiyama District, where narrow streets lined with shops and restaurants wind up the side of picturesque Mount Otowa.
Kyoto (Osaka), Japan Golden Yellow Temple
The Kinkakuji Temple, also called the Golden Pavilion for its yellow-colored walls atop a pond in Kyoto, Japan

Golden Pavilion

A traveler's favorite for centuries and one of Japan's most famous sights, the gold-covered main hall of Kinkaku-ji temple seems to float between the sky and the pond of Kyoko-chi that it stands over. It was originally built in the 14th century as a villa for Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, a samurai lord. Snap photos while walking around Kyoko-chi, and see the temple from Sekka-tei Cottage — the view from here can't be beat.
Insider tip
For popular sites like the Golden Pavilion, be sure to arrive as early as possible to beat the crowds.
Kyoto (Osaka), Japan Zen Rock Garden
A zen rock garden in the Ryoan Temple in Kyoto, Japan

Garden Without Plants

Not far from the Golden Pavilion, the Zen temple of Ryoan-ji is famed for its mysterious yet beautiful rock garden. This grouping of 15 rocks set in raked gravel is a delight to contemplate from the veranda of the Hojo, the residence of the temple's head priest. Walk around the tatami rooms, and admire the painted fusuma sliding doors. Don't miss the picturesque tsukubai stone washbasin with a bamboo pipe in the back — designed for the tea ceremony, it's inscribed with a Buddhist maxim saying one should be happy with what one already has.
Insider tip
Two of the best times of year to visit Kyoto are spring and fall: Cherry blossom season is March through May, while October and November bring brilliant foliage.
Kyoto (Osaka), Japan Red Tori Gates
The red Tori Gates pathway with tall red columns with Japanese letters written in black in Kyoto, Japan

Ten Thousand Gates

Beloved for its spectacular rows of red torii gates, this hilly, sprawling Shinto shrine is dedicated to Inari, the god of rice and business; you'll see statues of his messenger, the fox, everywhere. During your visit to Osaka, take the four-kilometer path up the mountain and lose yourself in this vermilion wonderland — the number of gates totals around 10,000. Small restaurants along the paths sell kitsune udon noodle soup and inarizushi rice balls.
Kyoto (Osaka), Japan Kaiseki Traditional Meal
Kaiseki and traditional Japenese cuisine layed out on a table

Local Cuisine

As the kitchen for Japan's imperial court for centuries, Kyoto has a long tradition of excellent food. Get the full experience with Kyo-kaiseki-ryori, a multicourse meal of seasonal Kyoto cuisine: You'll be treated to many dishes made with exceptional attention to detail, including gently sashimi-style raw fish and vegetable dishes like turnips simmered in local water with white miso.
Kyoto (Osaka), Japan Kimono
A kimono on a mannequin on the streets of Kyoto, Japan


Head to the Kyoto Handicraft Center near Heian-jingu shrine for a wide selection of Kyoto crafts including ironware kettles, woodblock prints, Japanese dolls, lacquer ware, as well as kimono and yukata (lightweight summer kimono). Visitors can also try their hand at making handicrafts, such as painting folding fans.

Dag 3: Kobe, Japan

Dag 3
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Kobe, Japan Suma Temple
View of the Suma Temple in Kobe, Japan surrounded by lush trees
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Fra 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Perched on a hill sloping down to the sea, Kobe is a maritime gateway to one of Japan's most metropolitan cities. Mt. Rokko dominates the skyline — from the summit, you can glimpse one of the best views in all Japan. Of course, Kobe's also famous for breeding Wagyu cows that produce some of the highest-quality beef in the world. The stuff is so delicious that almost every restaurant in the area stocks it. Cruise to Japan and make your visit a full foodie mission and stop off at Osaka to indulge in the local tradition of kuidaore — "eat until you drop."
Kobe, Japan Hot Springs
A Japanese hot spring bath

Get in Hot Water

Onsen — a hot spring bath — is a unique Japanese pastime that will get you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, and Arima Onsen is where you go to partake when in Kobe. Baths are filled with naturally occurring hot spring water, which locals claim has medicinal effects. Choose from day, half-day or spa packages, or sample a few different baths.
Insider tip
You don't need to tip in Japan — save some cash (and an awkward moment) and only pay the amount of your bill.
Kobe, Japan Nunobiki Falls
The Nunobiki Falls in Kobe, Japan

Hike the Heavens

The Nunobiki — or "Divine" — Falls are a natural wonder on the back of Mt. Rokko. A quick 15-minute walk will get you to the first of the four waterfalls — the biggest is a thundering 43 meters high. If walking isn't your thing, take the Shin-Kobe cable lift to the top. It takes you past all four falls and stops at the Nunobiki Herb Garden, where you can experience the colors and aromas of 200 different kinds of herbs and flowers.
Insider tip
It's easy to walk around Kobe, but if you want to speed things up, you can find a reasonably priced taxi rank at every train station.
Kobe, Japan Historic Kitano District
An aerial view of the Historic Kitano District in Kobe, Japan

Go Mansion-Hunting

Got a taste for classic luxury? Kobe's Kitano-cho district contains more than a dozen ijinkan, historic mansions formerly owned by foreign merchants who settled here. Today, they're open to the public as museums. The England House, France House and Dutch Museum reflect the origins of their former owners, who brought European sensibilities to their new Asian home.
Insider tip
If you find Kobe beef a bit pricey, go to the restaurants at lunchtime, when the meals are often cheaper.
Kobe, Japan Kobe Beef on Grill
A chef slicing Kobe beef on a grill

Local Cuisine

There's only one city to go to if you want serious Kobe beef. Hang out with the locals at Nankingmachi Square, home to street-style Kobe beef a la carte. Want dinner and a show in one? Head to a teppanyaki restaurant, where your chef will cook your meal in front of you. If meat's not your thing, don't worry: Any steakhouse will also serve crunchy Yakiyasai (grilled vegetables) and Agedashi-dofu (crispy tofu with dipping sauce).
Kobe, Japan Traditional Tea Set
A traditional Japanese tea set


To sample the freshest seafood Kobe has to offer with your Japan cruise, visit the Uonotana Fish Market, a wholesale marketplace boasting the day's catch. Later in the day, move on to the bustling Sannomiya shopping area, where streets are packed with stores selling everything from the latest fashions to traditional tea sets.

Dag 4: Kagoshima, Japan

Dag 4
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Kagoshima, Japan Volcano City View
View of the city overlooking the volcano in Kagoshima, Japan
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Fra 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Japan's southernmost major city, Kagoshima delivers a memorable mix of unique cuisine, historical attractions and outdoor activities in its temperate weather. Take in sweeping bayside vistas at Sengan-en, the elegant estate of the Shimadzu samurai clan, and stroll through its cherry blossom-filled gardens. Cruise to Kagoshima and head to Yurigahama Beach, with its bright waters and mysterious sandbar that appears each month in a slightly different spot, depending on the tides.
Kagoshima, Japan Garden Landscape
Beautiful landscape with flowers and trees in Sengan-en, Kagoshima, Japan.

Samurai Garden

Step back in time at Sengan-en, a sprawling samurai estate originally built in the 17th century that offers breathtaking garden views of the bay and Sakurajima puffing in the distance. The villa here was built out of Yakushima cedar trees over 1,000 years old; it's perfect place to try traditional Japanese green tea and chocolate sweets.
Insider tip
There's no tipping in Japan, but you'll face an 8 percent sales tax everywhere except major retailers, which often have no-fee shopping.
Kagoshima, Japan Historic Lookout
Shiroyama historic lookout overlooking the volcano in Kagoshima, Japan

Historic Lookout

Head to Shiroyama Lookout, a hillside park overlooking the city. Heads up, history buffs: This was the site of the final battle of the Satsuma Rebellion, in which the last samurai, Saigo Takamori, met his end. Cruise to Kagoshima and check out Reimeikan Museum at the foot of the hill, based on the remains of a fort that once stood here.
Insider tip
Don't forget to carry some Japanese yen in cash as smaller shops, cafes and bars may not accept credit cards.
Kagoshima, Japan Meat Soup
Kurobuta Meat soup local cuisine in Kagoshima, Japan

Local Cuisine

Cuisine in Kagoshima centers around kurobuta, or "black pork" — it comes from a black-haired breed of heritage pig that produces meat with a delicate, sweet flavor. Try the good stuff shabu-shabu hot pot style, wash it down with a cup of shochu, a distilled liquor from southern Japan that's often made with sweet potato, barley, sugar cane and buckwheat.
Kagoshima, Japan Blue Pottery
Japanese porcelain blue pottery sold in Kagoshima, Japan


Head over to the Tenmonkan district for unique Kagoshima goods, including handmade Satsumakiriko cut glass, Satsumayaki porcelain vases and bowls, Oshima tsumugi textiles and other handicrafts from Kagoshima and the Ryukyu Islands to the south. Tenmonkan shops also offer different varieties of shochu.

Dag 5 - 6: cruising

Dag 5 - 6
På sjøen
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Family Celebrating a Hole in One
Family Playing Mini Golf on Liberty of the Seas
Man Climbing Rock Wall On Board Day Time
Man Climbing Rock Wall On Board Day Time

Rock Climbing Wall

Rise to the occasion and take on the signature Rock Climbing Wall. From beginners to speed climbers, everyone can enjoy an unparalleled view from 40 feet above deck. Included in your fare, no reservation required.
Allure of the Seas Mini Golf Course
Allure of the seas, Dunes, golf, games,

Mini Golf

Hit the links on the high seas! Refine your mini-golf game on a green that overlooks a sea of blue. Included in your fare, no reservation required.

Dag 7: Hong Kong, China

Dag 7
Hong Kong
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Hong Kong, China Red Bridge Garden
A red bridge leading to a temple Chinese architecture in a garden in Hong Kong, China
Ting å gjøre i
Hong Kong
Fra 7:00 AM - 11:59 PM
Although it's officially part of China, Hong Kong is a world unto itself. This bustling city is full of ancient and modern architecture, lots of people and — of course — the best dim sum around. Head to the Kowloon Peninsula for Golden Mile shopping along Nathan Road. Then, make your way to Hong Kong Island to admire the views from the top of Victoria Peak — you can see the skyscrapers of the financial district as well as the fishing village of Stanley Harbour. Cruise to Hong Kong and trek out to mountainous Lantau Island to see the famous Tian Tan Buddha, standing a full 112 feet tall. Or score some quiet time at Hong Kong Park, full of contemplative rock gardens and tree-lined paths.
Hong Kong, China Victoria Peak Tram
The Victoria peak tram arriving at a station overlooking the skyline in Hong Kong, China

Peek From the Peak

The Peak Tram takes you up to Victoria Peak, Hong Kong's 1,800-foot-high mountain. Less expensive buses will get you there, too. Once you're up top, admire the views over the city from the hiking trails. The Peak also offers an escape from the subtropical climate below — the air here is cooler and less humid.
Insider tip
The Hong Kong dollar (HKD) is the official currency. Some larger stores will accept Chinese yuan (also called renminbi and RMB), but the exchange rate isn't great. Withdrawing cash from an ATM almost always means the best exchange rate.
Hong Kong, China Harbor Pier Ferry Dock
Boats out on the harbor alongside a rocky coast in Hong Kong

Scenic Ride to Stanley

Stanley Harbour, on the other side of Hong Kong Island, will give you a taste of a different Hong Kong. It's a fishing village on Repulse Bay with a lovely seaside walk (snap some photos of the fishing boats) as well as a famous street market. There's lots of British history, a boardwalk and even a few beaches. You can take the bus from Central for a scenic trip, though the express bus is faster.
Insider tip
Buy an Octopus Card at any subway station to get around Hong Kong easily. Cards purchased here have a $100 HKD (about $12 USD) credit and $50 deposit. The deposit covers negative balances up to -$35. You can also use the card at many restaurants, shops and even at ice cream carts.
Hong Kong, China Victoria Harbor Sailboat
Tourist sailboat crosses Victoria Harbour to the Hong Kong Island with skyscrapers in the background

Out on the Harbor

Use an Octopus card for a ride on Hong Kong's iconic Star Ferry for inexpensive views of Hong Kong's harbor. The tour makes a scenic circular route between Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island, stopping at three piers. Skyscrapers are everywhere, but look closely for the smaller Golden Bauhinia near the Wan Chai Pier, a golden flower statue where the handover of Hong Kong took place in 1997.
Hong Kong, China Dim Sum
Delicious array of dim sum in bamboo steamers in Hong Kong, China

Local Cuisine

Hong Kong is famous for dim sum, a meal of bite-sized foods with various selections brought to your table. Traditionally eaten for brunch, you'll find it at other hours, too. Choose from steamed buns, dumplings or fried rolls filled with spinach, crab or chicken. You'll likely need to share a table — but then you'll have help deciding what to order. Restaurants with lots of locals are a sign of quality and good prices.
Hong Kong, China Traditional Jade Necklaces
Traditional Jade necklaces sold in markets while souvenir shopping in Hong Kong, China


Head to Causeway Bay for modern retail therapy: This stretch of Hong Kong is virtually covered in malls and shops. Central is the district to go to for upscale designer clothes, shoes and other items. But don't overlook the markets for local handicrafts during your Hong Kong cruise. Pick up an inexpensive but distinctive jade necklace or ornament, or look for poetry-inscribed paintings and bamboo handicrafts from the antique dealers on Cat Street.

Dag 8 - 10: cruising

Dag 8 - 10
På sjøen
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Chefs Table - Dining Room
Welcoming dining room with special dishes & spectacular wines. Fine dining at the best vacation cruise restaurant Chefs Table
Raddiccio Caesar - Giovanni's Table
Romaine lettuce tossed with radicchio, herb croutons and cheese. Cruise fine dining at Giovanni's Table Italian restaurant.

Giovanni's Table

Every meal at Giovanni’s Table is a family-style celebration of rustic Italian flavor. You’ll find all your favorite Old-World classics on the menu here, like house focaccia served with marinated artichokes, olives and pesto, fluffy gnocchi tossed in a thyme-scented sauce of lamb and root vegetables, traditional risotto finished with porcini and truffle mushroom tapenade, and veal osso buco paired with creamy cheese polenta, ripe tomatoes and sautéed green beans.
Chef's Table Dessert
A dessert at Chef's Table on Royal Caribbean cruises

Chef's Table

Welcome to Chef’s Table, the most exclusive and elevated dining experience on our fleet. Join an intimate group of fellow foodies on a private epicurean journey led by the ship’s Chef de Cuisine. You’ll sit down to a white tablecloth dinner spotlighting five exquisite courses that range from scallop carpaccio with yuzu vinaigrette, to grilled filet mignon served with truffle potato puree — each expertly paired with the perfect wine to highlight every flavor on the menu.

Dag 11: Singapore, Singapore

Dag 11
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Singapore, Singapore City View
Beautiful city view of Singapore from Skyway
Ting å gjøre i
Ankommer 6:00 AM
Singapore is small in size but big on excitement. Discover the multicultural medley of this city-state through its neighborhoods: Check out the statue-adorned temples of Little India and the colorful pagodas of Chinatown. Cruise to Singapore and explore the city's Malay section on the Kampong Glam Heritage Trail, which will take you past Arabic-influenced mansions and the gold-dome-topped Masjid Sultan mosque. Experience the contrast between the lush rainforest flora of the Singapore Botanic Garden and the high-tech "supertrees" and biodomes of Gardens by the Bay. Complete your Singapore adventure with a panorama from the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands or a Singapore Sling cocktail at the historical Raffles Hotel.
Singapore, Singapore Masjid Sultan Street View
View of the street with Masjid Sultan in the background in Singapore

Multicultural Medley

Singapore has four official languages and even more ethnicities that have influenced its culture. Discover the city's Muslim heritage at Sultan Mosque along Arab Street and its Chinese character (and food!) in Chinatown. Little India is the heart of the city's Tamil Indian community, while Kampong Glam is the epicenter of Malay-speaking Singapore.
Insider tip
Although Singaporeans speak English natively, the accent (lovingly called "Singlish") can sometimes be tricky to grasp at first. If you don't understand what someone says to you, politely ask them to repeat.
Singapore, Singapore Gardens By The Bay Park
Sculptural vegetation towers from Gardend by the Bay in Singapore

Two Sides of Nature

Singapore's tropical landscape is as diverse as its culture. The Singapore Botanic Garden (and adjoining Orchid Garden) approach horticulture from a more traditional perspective, while the spacey Supertrees of Gardens by the Bay would seem more at home in "Avatar" than an issue of "Better Homes and Gardens."
Singapore, Singapore Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore

Zoom In, Zoom Out

Head to the rooftop of the massive Marina Bay Sands to enjoy a panorama of the Singapore skyline, which is also beautiful as seen from the city's symbolic Merlion statue on the other side of the bay. Or visit a more inward-looking Singapore icon when you order an original Singapore Sling cocktail at the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel.
Singapore, Singapore Wantan Mee
Wantan Mee, popular street food noodles with bbq pork, in Singapore

Local Cuisine

The best way to get a cross-section of Singaporean cuisine is to visit its street vendors, or hawkers, in hubs like Tiong Bahru. Jump onboard a Singapore cruise to try Cantonese-derived wantan mee noodles, with dumplings and yellow egg noodles topped with slices of char siu pork. Snack on chai tow kway, also called carrot cake, even though it's made from rice flour and daikon radish fried with eggs in pork fat.
Singapore, Singapore Chopsticks
Colorful variety of chopsticks in a small shop in Chinatown, Singapore


Singapore is a shopper's paradise, whether you stick to the high-end boutiques of Orchard Road or the local shops throughout the city. One way to guarantee a special souvenir during your Singapore cruise vacation is to shop in the city's ethnic neighborhoods: Seek out chopsticks and lacquerware in Chinatown or incense and South India dolls in Little India.