3 Night Hong Kong To Shanghai Cruise i Voyager of the Seas fra Hong Kong, China Hong Kong, China Harbor
- Den 3 Night Hong Kong To Shanghai Cruise fra Hong Kong, China besøk Shanghai (Baoshan), China. Utforsk våre cruise reiseruter og velge mellom en rekke rom avhengig av dine behov og budsjett. Begynne å planlegge din neste cruise ferie ved å velge en destinasjon og avreise port.
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3 Night Hong Kong To Shanghai Cruise
Itinerary Overview
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Day 1 - Hong Kong, China
Day 2 - 3 - cruising
Day 4 - Shanghai (Baoshan), China
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Hong Kong, China Harbor
A boat sailing through Hong Kong harbor
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3 Night Hong Kong To Shanghai Cruise

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Reiser fra
Hong Kong, China
Om bord
Voyager of the Seas
Dag Havn
Hong Kong, China
Avviker på 5:00 PM
2 - 3
Dag på sjøen
Shanghai (Baoshan), China
Ankommer 7:00 AM
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ditt skip Voyager of the Seas

ditt skip
Voyager of the Seas
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Voyager of the Seas, Anchored
Voyager of the Seas anchored
Get to know
Voyager of the Seas
Voyager of the Seas® har mange overraskelser som fyller reisetiden med flotte opplevelser. Om bord finner du Junkanoo-gateparader på Promenade, smaker fra Det fjerne østen på Izumi og spenning på alle dekk, fra å ri på bølgene i surfesimulatoren FlowRider® til piruetter sent på kvelden på skøytebanen.


Opplev stor spenning i klatreveggen, og ri på bølgene i FlowRider®. Snør på deg skøytene og opplev skøyteisen, eller ta et slag minigolf. Dette er en episk ferie, og du bestemmer hvordan dagen skal være.


Dette er en fantastisk reise som smaksløkene kommer til å takke deg for. Nyt saftige biffer på Chops Grille℠, eller opplev en femretters fest for matelskere på Chef's Table. Nylaget sushi venter på Izumi, og favorittretter i familiestil stiller sulten på Giovanni's Table.


Nyt et show med sanger fra klassiske filmer i Music in Pictures, og rusle nedover Great White Way i Broadway Rhythm & Rhyme. På dette skipet er alle forestillinger storslagne.

Oppgraderte opplevelser

Nylig oppgraderte Voyager of the Seas® er fullpakket av lekne aktiviteter på ferien i Sør-Stillehavet. Gjør deg klar til kamp med lasere som gløder i mørket, i Battle for Planet Z℠, og ri på bølgene i surfesimulatoren FlowRider℠. Dra ut på en smakfull reise til eksotiske Det fjerne østen på Izumi, og finn favorittretten din blant rustikk italiensk mat som serveres med en moderne vri på Giovanni's Table.

Oppgraderte opplevelser

Oppgraderte opplevelser

Oppgraderte opplevelser

Dag 1: Hong Kong, China

Dag 1
Hong Kong
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Hong Kong, China Red Bridge Garden
A red bridge leading to a temple Chinese architecture in a garden in Hong Kong, China
Ting å gjøre i
Hong Kong
Avviker på 5:00 PM
Although it's officially part of China, Hong Kong is a world unto itself. This bustling city is full of ancient and modern architecture, lots of people and — of course — the best dim sum around. Head to the Kowloon Peninsula for Golden Mile shopping along Nathan Road. Then, make your way to Hong Kong Island to admire the views from the top of Victoria Peak — you can see the skyscrapers of the financial district as well as the fishing village of Stanley Harbour. Cruise to Hong Kong and trek out to mountainous Lantau Island to see the famous Tian Tan Buddha, standing a full 112 feet tall. Or score some quiet time at Hong Kong Park, full of contemplative rock gardens and tree-lined paths.
Hong Kong, China Victoria Peak Tram
The Victoria peak tram arriving at a station overlooking the skyline in Hong Kong, China

Peek From the Peak

The Peak Tram takes you up to Victoria Peak, Hong Kong's 1,800-foot-high mountain. Less expensive buses will get you there, too. Once you're up top, admire the views over the city from the hiking trails. The Peak also offers an escape from the subtropical climate below — the air here is cooler and less humid.
Hong Kong, China Harbor Pier Ferry Dock
Boats out on the harbor alongside a rocky coast in Hong Kong

Scenic Ride to Stanley

Stanley Harbour, on the other side of Hong Kong Island, will give you a taste of a different Hong Kong. It's a fishing village on Repulse Bay with a lovely seaside walk (snap some photos of the fishing boats) as well as a famous street market. There's lots of British history, a boardwalk and even a few beaches. You can take the bus from Central for a scenic trip, though the express bus is faster.
Hong Kong, China Victoria Harbor Sailboat
Tourist sailboat crosses Victoria Harbour to the Hong Kong Island with skyscrapers in the background

Out on the Harbor

Use an Octopus card for a ride on Hong Kong's iconic Star Ferry for inexpensive views of Hong Kong's harbor. The tour makes a scenic circular route between Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island, stopping at three piers. Skyscrapers are everywhere, but look closely for the smaller Golden Bauhinia near the Wan Chai Pier, a golden flower statue where the handover of Hong Kong took place in 1997.
Hong Kong, China Dim Sum
Delicious array of dim sum in bamboo steamers in Hong Kong, China

Local Cuisine

Hong Kong is famous for dim sum, a meal of bite-sized foods with various selections brought to your table. Traditionally eaten for brunch, you'll find it at other hours, too. Choose from steamed buns, dumplings or fried rolls filled with spinach, crab or chicken. You'll likely need to share a table — but then you'll have help deciding what to order. Restaurants with lots of locals are a sign of quality and good prices.
Hong Kong, China Traditional Jade Necklaces
Traditional Jade necklaces sold in markets while souvenir shopping in Hong Kong, China


Head to Causeway Bay for modern retail therapy: This stretch of Hong Kong is virtually covered in malls and shops. Central is the district to go to for upscale designer clothes, shoes and other items. But don't overlook the markets for local handicrafts during your Hong Kong cruise. Pick up an inexpensive but distinctive jade necklace or ornament, or look for poetry-inscribed paintings and bamboo handicrafts from the antique dealers on Cat Street.

Dag 2 - 3: cruising

Dag 2 - 3
På sjøen
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Girl Climbing the Rock Wall During the Day
Girl Climbing the Rock Wall while Parents Watch
Sister Teaching Younger Brother Mini Golf
Family Enjoying a Round of Mini Golf

Mini Golf

Hit the links on the high seas! Refine your mini-golf game on a green that overlooks a sea of blue. Included in your fare, no reservation required.
Young Woman Climbing
Young Woman Climbing Up the Rock Wall

Rock Climbing Wall

Rise to the occasion and take on the signature Rock Climbing Wall. From beginners to speed climbers, everyone can enjoy an unparalleled view from 40 feet above deck. Included in your fare, no reservation required.

Dag 4: Shanghai, China

Dag 4
Baoshan, China
Utforsk Dette Cruise
Shanghai, China Pudong District
View of the skyscrapers at the Pudong district
Ting å gjøre i
Ankommer 7:00 AM
Called Hu for short, glamorous Shanghai is China's largest city, and it reverberates with echoes of China's past. But at the same time, it's a city with its eyes on the future, where Gothic and neoclassical architecture contrasts space-age skyscrapers. Cruise to Shanghai and visit the Bund, a historic neighborhood on the west side of the Huangpu River, where you can still see buildings from the city's past prior to 1949. Across the way on the east side, you can gaze up at the futuristic towers of Pudong. See decorative bronze artifacts dating back to the 18th century B.C. at the Shanghai Museum. Then, head to the Old City, where you can wander the bustling narrow streets inside the fortified walls, take in the smell of incense and sip <em>longjing </em>green tea at a traditional teahouse.
Shanghai, China Historical Buildings
Historical buildings at the Bund in Shanghai, China

Better in the Bund

The Bund is Shanghai's art deco heritage neighborhood, with colonial architecture from the 1920s and '40s. Walk along the riverfront promenade at the golden hour for beautiful photos — from here, you can see the futuristic skyscrapers of Pudong's skyscrapers across the river.
Insider tip
Check visa rules carefully. They vary greatly depending on your nationality, length of stay, where you visit and if you re-enter the country.
Shanghai, China Shanghai Towers
Shanghai Towers and cityscape of Shanghai, China

Height of Adventure

Take a river cruise to see some of Shanghai's modern architectural highlights: The 1536-foot-tall Oriental Pearl Tower looks like something straight out of the Jetsons, while the twisting Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building in the world, is meant to evoke a lucky dragon coming out of the earth. The World Finance Center Tower looks like a giant bottle opener.
Insider tip
Within the city, getting around by subway is cheap, easy and avoids surface-level traffic.
Shanghai, China Yuyuan Garden Pavillion
Traditional pavillions in Yuyuan Gardens in Shanghai, China

Ancient Ambiance

Get a feel for old China by wandering through the Yu Garden during your Shanghai cruise vacation. The classical garden is 400 years old, with carp-filled pools and bamboo groves. See more of ancient China at the Shanghai Museum, which has 120,000 ancient relics, including bronze artifacts and sculptures.
Shanghai, China Dumplings
Dumplings with dip in Shanghai, China

Local Cuisine

Eating in Shanghai is all about street food. You'll see people drinking from giant dumplings through strwas in a dish called xiao long bao — a soup dumpling. Join in, or eat them with chopsticks in a sit-down restaurant. Try cold noodles with eel, ginger and bamboo shoots, or pick up a flaky, pork-flecked scallion pancake — this comfort food is practically a way of life here.
Shanghai, China Chinese Lanterns
Red Chinese lanterns at the antique market in Shanghai, China


It's hard not to find shopping in Shanghai. Nanjing Road is the busiest, with everything from specialty food shops to modern malls. If you have time to get something tailored, try the South Bund Fabric Market. During your China cruise, pick up a distinctive Chinese red lantern at the Antique Market or at most street markets.