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You’ve heard it said about a million places, but for this one it’s true— there is nowhere in the world like Havana, Cuba. Notes of jazz, salsa, and bolero drift onto the cobblestone streets from crumbling facades. Shiny ’57 Chevy’s and Cadillacs cruise broad avenues past grand estates long neglected. These contradictions are everywhere you look, in a place frozen in time by war, revolution and embargo dating back over a century. But Havana is always in motion. And during you Havana cruise, you’ll see it in the dancers that perform at the Palacio de la Rumba, and the vibrant alleyway murals by local artists like Salvador Gonzales. Like clockwork, the smell of fresh-brewed cafecito punctuates the air, ensuring a lively scene near mainstays like Café El Escorial. Enjoy it just like everything else in Havana— sip by sip, all coming together for one amazing step back in time.
Regionalt språk Spanish
Godkänd valuta Cuban Peso (CUP), Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC)

Things To Do in Havana

Woman enjoying a drive through Havana in a vintage pink car

Old School Cruising

Woman enjoying a drive through Havana in a vintage pink car

Woman enjoying a drive through Havana in a vintage pink car

Old School Cruising

There are plenty of driver services in Havana offering scenic rides along the waterfront in a classic American car. Or hop in one of the many bicitaxis— rickshaw-style bikes that are both affordable and a great way to sightsee.

Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time

Stroll through the plazas of Habana Vieja, where you can visit cigar factories, sip “agua de coco” and browse colorful stands selling antiques and memorabilia— all while soaking up the intriguing sights and sounds of this six-hundred-year-old slice of Havana.

Step into Fusterlandia

Cruise to Havana and wander along spiraling walkways past fountains and sculptures covered in vibrant mosaic tiles in Jaimanitas, a district just west of central Havana. Artist Jose Fuster has transformed this suburban neighborhood into a Gaudí-esque wonderland of realism, modernism, and a healthy dose of Cuban national pride.

Local Cuisine

Food is a cornerstone of the Cuban culture, so arrive hungry. Must-try dishes include ropa vieja (shredded beef), arroz con moro (Cuban rice and beans), fried plantains, and of course flan. Rum is a staple served at virtually every Cuban restaurant, so be sure to wash down your croquetas with a mojito or a Cuba Libre.


Visit the Centro Cultural Antiguos Almacenes de Deposito San Jose, an open-air market in Desampardos known for Cuban artwork, wood crafts, creative jewelry designs, and guayabera shirts. Or head to Palacio De La Artesania for cigars, souvenirs, and handicrafts.

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