12 Night Mediterranean Venice Cruise på Jewel of the Seas från Tarragona, Spain Split, Croatia Waterfront Panoramic
- Den 12 Night Mediterranean Venice Cruise från Tarragona, Spain besök Nice (Villefranche), France; Florence / Pisa (Livorno), Italy; Rom (Civitavecchia), Italien; Naples / Capri, Italy; Venedig, Italien; Split, Croatia; Kotor, Montenegro; Barcelona, Spanien. Utforska våra kryssning resvägar och välja mellan en rad olika rum beroende på dina behov och budget. Börja planera din nästa kryssning semester genom att välja en destination och avgång hamn.
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12 Night Mediterranean Venice Cruise
Itinerary Overview
Explore Jewel of the Seas
Day 1 - Tarragona, Spain
Day 2 - Nice (Villefranche), France
Day 3 - Florence / Pisa (Livorno), Italy
Day 4 - Rom (Civitavecchia), Italien
Day 5 - Naples / Capri, Italy
Day 6 - cruising
Day 7 - 8 - Venedig, Italien
Day 9 - Split, Croatia
Day 10 - Kotor, Montenegro
Day 11 - 12 - cruising
Day 13 - Barcelona, Spanien
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Split, Croatia Waterfront Panoramic
Panoramic view of the waterfront from the pier in Split, Croatia
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12 Night Mediterranean Venice Cruise

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Avgår från
Tarragona, Spain
Jewel of the Seas
Dag Hamn
Tarragona, Spain
Avgår vid 5:00 PM
Nice (Villefranche), France
lämnats från 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Florence / Pisa (Livorno), Italy
Från 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Rom (Civitavecchia), Italien
Från 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Naples / Capri, Italy
Från 7:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Dag till havs
7 - 8
Venedig, Italien
Från Day 7 , 3:00 PM - Dag 8 , 6:30 PM
Split, Croatia
lämnats från 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Kotor, Montenegro
lämnats från 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
11 - 12
Dag till havs
Barcelona, Spanien
Anländer till 6:00 AM
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ditt skepp Jewel of the Seas

ditt skepp
Jewel of the Seas
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Jewel of the Seas, Exterior View, Caribbean and European Cruise Destinations
Exterior view of Jewel of the Seas Cruise With Destinations in Puerto Rico, Antigua, Barbados, and more
Get to know
Jewel of the Seas
Efter en dag på nya stränder dyker du ner i en värld av äventyr på Jewel of the Seas®. Ta dig upp för klätterväggen eller se en film på skärmen vid poolkanten. Hämta programmet till West End to Broadway och ta ett glas på Vintages. Det är dags att satsa allt på äventyr.


Upptäck alla de otaliga sätt att tillbringa dagarna på mellan de olika hamnarna. Skapa lite vänskaplig konkurrens med en runda minigolf och ta äventyret till nya höjder på klätterväggen. Om du är ute efter att slappa lite kan du titta på film vid poolkanten eller checka in på Vitality℠ at Sea Spa och fitnesscenter.


Oavsett om du sippar på vin från hela världen på Vintages, njuter av färskrullad sushi på Izumi, unnar dig en förstklassig stek på Chops Grille℠ eller sätter dig till bords för ett epikureiskt äventyr i fem rätter på Chef's Table så kommer du att uppleva att smakerna är lika spännande som stränderna du upptäcker.


Res från Londons West End till New York i West End to Broadway, en hyllning till musikaler som sträcker sig över kontinenterna. Och res från det uråldriga Atlantis till det färgstarka Indien i den himmelska föreställningen City of Dreams. På det här fartyget är alla föreställningar en succé.




Dag 1: Tarragona, Spain

Dag 1
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Spain Tarragona Miravet Mediterranean Town
Spain Tarragona Miravet Mediterranean Town
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Avgår vid 5:00 PM
Tarragona, the first city you come across when you travel southward from Barcelona, provides a window into the soul of the Catalonia region. A stroll through its cobbled streets is like a walk back in time, as well as a survey of Catalan gastronomy. Explore the ruins of Tarraco, a UNESCO World Heritage site with an amphitheater that dates back to the Roman era, or the 12th-century Tarragona Cathedral, built on the site of a destroyed Moorish mosque. Or follow your taste buds along the Neoclassical Plaça de la Font, where dozens of cafes serve classic Spanish tapas and sangria as well as some specialties you'll only find in Tarragona.
Spain Tarragona Ancient Roman Panoramic View
Spain Tarragona Ancient Roman Panoramic View

Brush Up on Catalan History

Tarragona's Part Antic old town is like a living history textbook. After surveying Roman ruins (and timeless ocean views) atop the walls of UNESCO World Heritage site Taracco, visit the many individual chapels that make up Tarragona Cathedral, where Spain's Moorish conquerors also prayed.
Insider tip
Tarragona locals are friendly and welcoming to tourists but can't always speak great English. A bit of Spanish (or Catalan), some patience and a smile will go a long way.
Spain Tarragona Salou Beach Cala Penya
Spain Tarragona Salou Beach Cala Penya

Nothing Comes Close to the Golden Coast

Is looking out at the ocean not enough for you? Dip your toes into the golden sands of Costa Dorada. El Miracle beach is the liveliest and closest to the city center, while the beautifully isolated Cala Fonda, just several miles north, evokes the Balearic islands that sit far off Tarragona's shores.
Insider tip
Tarragona is far less filled with tourists than Barcelona and other cities in Spain so enjoy the quieter streets as you explore the various attractions.
Spain Tarragona Bollards Old Street Artistic Colorful
Spain Tarragona Bollards Old Street Artistic Colorful

Art for the Afternoon

Whether you want a quick break from Tarragona's famous heat or are craving some culture, Tarragona's world-class art museums will hit the spot. Museu d'Art Modern de Tarragona spotlights Catalan artists like Antoni Gaudi and Joan Miro inside a series of 18th-century houses.
Insider tip
The farther north of the city center you go, the quieter Tarragona's beaches become, so long walks on the beach are especially rewarding here.
Spain Tarragona Paella Close Up of Local Cuisine
Spain Tarragona Paella Close Up of Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine

Fresh seafood is Tarragona's claim to fame. Dine near the port for classic Catalan paella (mussels and other shellfish stir-fried with fragrant saffron rice) or stop along Plaça de la Font for a carafe of sangria to wash down local takes on tapas such as grilled shrimp glazed with rich, nutty Romesco sauce.
Spain Tarragona Ceramics Spanish Porcelain Jugs
Spain Tarragona Ceramics Spanish Porcelain Jugs


Whether you're looking for postcards and fridge magnets or locally made crafts, the Rambla Nova shopping street is the place to be. Galeria Tarraco sells artisanal crafts and textiles, including Catalan pottery and lace cushions made using techniques from the mid-19th century.

Dag 2: Nice, France

Dag 2
Villefranche, France
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Nice (Villefranche), France, View of coast and hills
View of the coast of Nice, France with homes on the hills in the distance
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lämnats från 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Although originally called "Nakaia," France's Nice is as delightful as its name suggests to English speakers. Take a bus or taxi into Nice's Old City to explore its history-spanning architecture and pristine French Riviera beaches with your Nice cruise. Or stick closer to Villefranche-sur-Mer, where your ship will dock, and take a day-trip to the mountaintop town of Eze. No matter how you spend your time in the de facto hub of France's Cote d'Azur, you'll enjoy the added benefit of being close to Italy, which means delectable pizza, fragrant espresso and the sounds of a second Romance language.
Nice (Villefranche), France, Waves crashing on beach
Eaves crashing on a beach in Nice, France

Hit the Beach

Not surprisingly, Nice is a great place for a day at the beach. Sun yourself at Beau Rivage along the Promenade des Anglais, where Nice's chic locals come to see and be seen, or walk a few minutes east or west or Villafranche-sur-Mer to find a quiet spot for a swim closer to the ship. The pristine Mediterranean waters instantly reveal why this place is known as France's Cote d'Azur — the Azure Coast.
Insider tip
Many of Nice's city beaches are rocky. Consider laying out on a couple thick towels, instead of your usual beach blanket.
Nice (Villefranche), France, Matisse Museum
The Matisse Museum in Nice, France

Go Back in Time

Stroll the streets of Nice's Vieille Ville to take a trip back in time. Visit monuments such as the Baroque-era Palais Lascaris and the city's 19th-century Russian Orthodox cathedral, or explore the bevy of museums — don't miss the one dedicated to Nice's prodigal son, artist Henri Matisse. You'll find Nice is more than just a pretty face.
Insider tip
While Nice is politically part of France, it has a long and proud Italian history as well. Don't be surprised if you hear Italian being spoken — and don't by shy to practice yours!
Nice (Villefranche), France, Botanical Garden
A cliffside botanical garden in Nice, France

View From Above

Take a day-trip to see a little more of France's Cote d'Azur. A particularly popular option is Eze, which is less than a half-hour away from Villefrance-sur-Mer by public bus. Cruise to Nice and walk from the main town up to its mountaintop fortress, which provides a priceless panorama of the entire French Riviera.
Nice (Villefranche), France, Nicoise Salad
A Nicoise salad on a white and blue plate

Local Cuisine

Nice is home to the popular salade nicoise, but the culinary delights here transcend cold starters. Stop at a street vendor and order a crispy socca chickpea pancake, or enjoy la daube nicoise, a slow-cooked beef stew soaked in rich red wine and served with tender gnocchi. You'll find some of the best eateries in the heart of the Vieille Ville with your Nice cruise.
Nice (Villefranche), France, Soap Crates
An assortment of scented soaps in wooden crates for sale in France


Bring the flavors of Nice along with you after a stop Galleries Lafayette Gourmand, which also offers a wide selection of fines wines from France's nearby Provence region. Shop for postcards, keychains and other local kitsch at Coqueto, hunt down high-end Southern French soaps, or take in the fresh scent of Marche aux Fleurs Cours Saleya, one of France's largest outdoor flower markets.

Dag 3: Florence / Pisa, Italy

Dag 3
Florence / Pisa
Livorno, Italy
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Florence - Pisa, Italy Duomo
The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy
Att göra i
Florence / Pisa
Från 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
One of Italy's oldest port cities, Livorno is a small but historically rich city. Check out the red-hued Fortezza Nuova, a 16th-century fortress, and the surrounding area known as Nuova Venezia ("New Venice"), and take a mini-sailboat ride through its charming canals. Cruise to Livorno and use the city as your jumping-off point to the beauty of Tuscany: Take the 30-minute drive to Pisa and snap a quintessential picture with the city's famous leaning tower. Or head to Florence — about an hour from Livorno by car or train — where you can see the unmistakable Duomo ("dome") and the Byzantine-style frescoes of Saint John's Baptistery.
Florence - Pisa, Italy Pisa Lungarno
Pisa Lungarno in Pisa, Italy

Respite by the River

Leave the tourist masses behind at the Leaning Tower on the Field of Miracles in Pisa and escape for a pleasant stroll along the banks of the Arno River. Admire the colors and architecture of the palazzi that line the southern riverside embankment, stop for a picnic with some simple focaccia bread, mozzarella and wine, and continue to Pisa's medieval heart north of the water.
Insider tip
Buy entry tickets in advance to save time at museums.
Florence - Pisa, Italy Palazzo Vecchio
Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy

City Panorama

In Florence, hike up the 418-steps of the Torre d'Arnolfo tower, part of the Palazzo Vecchio. The fortress palace was built in the fourteenth century and is still Florence's seat of power. Inside, admire Michelangelo's Genio della Vittoria sculpture as well as several large paintings by other masters such as Giorgio Vasari.
Insider tip
There are ATMs everywhere, but some restaurants and shops accept cash only.
Florence - Pisa, Italy Basilica of Santa Maria Novella
Frontal view of the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy

Marble and Monasticism

Visit Florence's Basilica di Santa Maria Novella, with its eye-catching green-and-white marble facade. Inside the basilica, built between the 13th and 15th centuries, you'll find countless artistic masterpieces, such as the frescoes by Domenico Ghirlandaio. Continue through a side door into the vast, serene monastic complex.
Insider tip
The Uffiizi, Galeria dell'Accademia and most other state museums are closed on Mondays.
Florence - Pisa, Italy Vegetable Soup
A bowl of vegetable soup

Local Cuisine

Tuscans share a proud culinary tradition, with seasonal and sustainable quality ingredients sourced locally. Cruise to Livorno to sample a traditional bowl of earthy ribollita (bean, bread and vegetable soup) from a humble family-run eatery. Sample a bistecca alla fiorentina, or Florentine steak, cooked over roasted chestnuts to impart a smoky flavor. Or grab some salami, parmesan cheeses and biscotti for lunch from the Mercato Centrale.
Florence - Pisa, Italy Leather Diaries
Leather diaries for sale in Florence, Italy


Ignore the souvenir shops around Pisa's tower and head to the main shopping streets Corso Italia and Borgo Stretto, where you'll find Italian fashion shops. In stylish Florence, homegrown designers include Guccio Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo. During your Tuscany cruise, look for the workshops in the medieval alleys, with handcrafted jewelry and leather goods from shoes to purses.

Dag 4: Rom, Italien

Dag 4
Civitavecchia, Italien
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Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy Colosseum
View of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy
Att göra i
Från 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Med 28 århundraden av berömd historia är Rom fortfarande på första plats när det gäller oöverträffat äventyr. Staden som utlöste världens största rike är lika levande i våra dagar med ett virrvarr av gamla ruiner, världsberömd konst och livfull gatukultur. Här kan du leva la dolce vita, återkalla antika Roms storhetstid och snurra pastan runt gaffeln i en trattoria. Kör förbi månghundraåriga basilikor i en trehjulig Ape Calessino, eller beundra målningar av de italienska mästarna i Villa Borghese. Oavsett om det är Vatikanens andliga lockelse, charmen utmed Trasteveres bakgator, eller Colosseums kamptraditioner, så består den eviga staden med sina oändliga äventyr.
Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy Pantheon
The Pantheon in Rome, Italy


Vandra genom antika Roms hjärta. Börja vid Colosseum, en enorm arena där gladiatorerna en gång kämpade. Strosa sedan runt nötta ruiner vid Forum Romanum, förbi dess sönderfallna tempel och basilikor. Se var kejsarna levde på Palatinen och njut av en närbild av den 2 000 år gamla, välbevarade kyrkan Pantheon.
Insider tip
Tågresan mellan Civitavecchia och Rom tar cirka 80 minuter i varje riktning.
Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy Piazza Navona
A fountain in Piazza Navona in Italy


Strosa runt piazzorna i Rom, där var och en ger ett unikt perspektiv. Ät al fresco på Piazza Navona och gå upp för Spanska trappan på Piazza di Spagna. Vandra på kullerstensbelagda gränder i sjudande Trastevere och strosa runt Campo de’ Fioris hantverksstånd. Se till att kasta ett mynt i Fontana di Trevi för framtida lycka.
Insider tip
Konservativ klädsel (ej linnen eller shorts) krävs när man besöker Roms religiösa platser.
Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy, Statues
Statues in the Vatican Museum


Utforska Vatikanmuseets enastående samling av gobelänger och klassiska statyer. Kliv in i Sixtinska kapellet och låt dig hänföras av Michelangelos takfresker. Gå sedan in i Peterskyrkan, en av världens största kyrkor, för att stå under dess enorma skyhöga kupol.
Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy, Pizza and pasta
Pizza, pasta, and antipasta on a table in Rome


Romare lever för att äta, oavsett om det är med familjen eller på ett utomhuskafé. För en autentisk smak av cucina romana, prova carciofi alla romana (bräserade kronärtskockor) eller spaghetti alla carbonara. Njut av panino (fyllda smörgåsar) eller italiensk pizza med tunn botten. Stilla sötsuget med en skopa gelato. Avsluta sedan kvällen med ett glas vitt vin från det omgivande Lazio-området.
Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy, Colosseum Vatican Models
Minitature models of the Colosseum and Vatican


Gatustånden över hela staden är det bästa stället för souvenirer. Via Condotti erbjuder italienska designers skräddarkonst i rad. Besök ateljéerna längs med Via Margutta, eller indiska hantverkssäljare i stadsdelen Monti. Porta Portese har stadens största loppmarknad och la Rinascente, det första varuhuset.

Dag 5: Naples / Capri, Italy

Dag 5
Naples / Capri
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Naples - Capri, Italy, Aerial View
An aerial view of Capri
Att göra i
Naples / Capri
Från 7:00 AM - 6:30 PM
With a skyline defined by towering Mount Vesuvis, Naples is a bustling Italian city brimming with beauty. Experience its rich neoclassical architecture at sites like Gesu Nuovo Church, with its lavish interior adorned with detailed frescoes, statues and gold inlay. Go even deeper into history at the San Gennaro catacombs, where Naples' first bishops were buried in the second century A.D. Walk along the Miglio Sacro ("Holy Mile") and people-watch your way through the cafes and shops of the Sanita district with a zuccherato (sweetened espresso) in hand. Jump onboard a Naples cruise and take the short bus ride to the base of Mount Vesuvius — it's an easy 20- to 30-minute hike will take you to the summit — and tour the ruins of Pompeii afterward.
Naples - Capri, Italy, Catacombs of San Gennaro
The Catacombs of San Gennaro in Italy

Go Underground

Interested in getting up close and personal with Naples' past residents? Head underground to visit the Catacombs of San Gennaro. These historic burial places are the oldest in the city and the largest in all of Southern Italy. Spend some time wandering around the different rooms to see how the rooms where the wealthy and poor were buried.
Insider tip
You won't be able to visit the Catacombs of San Gennaro without a guided tour, so be sure to book yours well in advanced.
Naples - Capri, Italy, Gesu Nuovo interior
The interior of the Gesu Nuovo in Italy

Church Bells Ring

Naples' churches are a great way to tour its architectural treasures, and most of them are concentrated in the old town center. Check out San Domenico Maggiore, with its impressive gold-gilded ceiling and interior. Inside Sansevero Chapel, you'll find a number of impressive Baroque statues and classical art. And don't miss the beautiful frescoes and peaceful vibe of Gesu Nuovo Church during your Capri cruise.
Insider tip
Wear comfortable shoes; you'll be doing a lot of walking over cobblestones while in the city.
Naples - Capri, Italy, Margherita pizza
A margherita pizza in Naples, Italy

Local Cuisine

Neopolitan-style pizza is Naples culinary gem. Grab a seat at L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele, which has been serving up pizza since 1870, and order a slice of simple, classic margherita, topped with fresh basil, tomato sauce and local mozzarella di fiore. Cruise to Naples and head to Friggitoria Vomero for the town's best arancini — gooey, fried spheres of rice and cheese — or panzarotti, a mini-calzone stuffed with mozzarella, tomato and other ingredients like spinach or ham.
Naples - Capri, Italy, Traditional pots
Traditional pots at a shop in Italy


Head to Via Toledo, the longest shopping street in Naples, which offers small boutiques and a huge department store. Continue down the road to Galleria Umberto I, a beautiful shopping gallery for some high-end souvenirs such as silk scarves and leather shoes to take back home.

Dag 6: cruising

Dag 6
Till sjöss
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Family Celebrating a Hole in One
Family Playing Mini Golf on Liberty of the Seas
Man Arrive on the top of the Rock Wall
Man Climbing Down the Rock Wall

Rock Climbing Wall

Rise to the occasion and take on the signature Rock Climbing Wall. From beginners to speed climbers, everyone can enjoy an unparalleled view from 40 feet above deck. Included in your fare, no reservation required.
Allure of the Seas Mini Golf Course
Allure of the seas, Dunes, golf, games,

Mini Golf

Hit the links on the high seas! Refine your mini-golf game on a green that overlooks a sea of blue. Included in your fare, no reservation required.

Dag 7 - 8: Venedig, Italien

Dag 7 - 8
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Venice, Italy Grand Canal Aerial
Aerial view of the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy
Att göra i
Från Day 7 , 3:00 PM - Dag 8 , 6:30 PM
En flytande pärla bland Italiens dynamiska städer. Venedig fängslar på oväntade sätt. Sträckt över 100 öar lindar sig dess labyrint av kanaler kring världsberömda sevärdheter som San Marco Campanile, och undanskymda äventyr skymtar bortom varje gatuhörn. I avsaknad av vägar är broarnas stad bäst att utforska i gondol eller till fots. Beundra Palazzo Ducale pelargångar av rosa marmor och utforska det politiska stadslivet på Palace Doge. Titta på venetianska mästerverk i Gallerie dell'Accademia eller njut av italiensk opera på Teatro la Fenice. Venedigs fridfulla vattenlandskap är full av äventyr, från solande längs det Adriatiska havet till shopping på marknader längs vattnet, till att delta i en venetiansk karneval och maskerings-verkstad,
Venice, Italy San Marco Basilica
The San Marco basilica in Venice, Italy


Upptäck hjärtat av Venedig på Piazza San Marco, en plats för uteserveringar och flockar av hungriga duvor. Gå in på San Marco Basilica för att beundra dess bysantinska arkitektur och gyllene mosaik. Ta sedan en hiss till toppen av det nästan 100 meter höga klocktornet Campanile för belönande utsikt över Venedig.
Insider tip
Vattenbussen i Vaporetto kör regelbundna rutter längs Canal Grande och mellan stadens öar. Det är ett billigt sätt att ta sig runt i staden.
Venice, Italy Gondola
A group riding in a gondola in Venice, Italy


En båtkryssning är ett måste när du besöker kanalernas stad. Slappna av i en gondol när du blir rodd längs Grand Canal och under den stenvälvda bron Rialto Bridge. Paddla din egen kajak genom den venetianska lagunen. Eller ta den motordrivna vattenbussen Vaporetto runt de intilliggande öarna.
Insider tip
Håll utkik efter menyer med asterisker, det betyder att deras skaldjursrätter är frysta, inte färska.
Venice, Italy Glass art
Glass art in Murano, Italy


Res till offshore-ön Murano för att se bakom kulisserna i en historisk glasblåsarfabrik. Se lokala hantverkare skapa originella glasbruk med tekniker som härstammar från 1200-talet. Du kan även ta hem ditt eget mästerverk från en av öns glas-utställningslokaler.
Venice, Italy Waterfront Café
Tables set up at a waterfront café in Venice, Italy


Skaldjur, färska direkt från båten, från den kringliggande lagunen är en höjdpunkt på många menyer i Venedig. Prova fritto misto (lätt stekt fisk och skaldjur) eller risotto frutti di mare (frukt från havet). Eftermiddags-cicchetti (smårätter) serveras i form av köttbullar och bruschetta, medan baicoli (tunn oval kaka) och fregolotta (mandelkaka) gör dessertälskare nöjda. Njut av en bellini i Harry’s Bar, ursprungsplatsen för den italienska cocktailen.
Venice, Italy Gondolier's hat
Assorted gondlorier's hat souvenirs


Ett band av souvenirkiosker kantar Grand Canal, men gå till smågatorna för att handla i hantverkarstudios. Köp hem äkta venetianska pärlsmycken, marmorklätt papper, resetidskrifter och långnästa karnevalsmasker. Burano är känd för sina handgjorda spetsprodukter, medan munblåst Murano-glas kommer i form av vaser, smycken och husgeråd.

Dag 9: Split, Croatia

Dag 9
Upptäck denna kryssning
Split, Croatia Stone Street
Beautiful old stone street in Split, Croatia
Att göra i
lämnats från 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Lying on the Adriatic Sea's eastern shore, Split is known for its terracotta roofs, whitewash buildings, palm tree-lined promenade and azure waters. Split has a long history, as it's home to Diocletian's Palace and the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, which were built for the Roman emperor in the 4th century. Always buzzing with tourists, Split balances its historic setting with a plethora of modern restaurants, bars and shops. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, Split receives over 2,600 hours of sunshine every year. Jump onboard a Croatia cruise and take advantage of its sunny weather by exploring its beautiful beaches — most namely Bacvice and Kastelet Beaches — year-round.
Split, Croatia Bell Tower
Old brick buildings and bell tower of Split, Croatia

Discover Diocletian's Palace

One of the world's most dominant Roman ruins, Diocletian's Palace (and its nearby cathedral) was constructed over 10 years in the mid-4th century. There are 220 buildings within its boundaries, which include homes, bars, hotels and cafes. The palace's cellar was used in season four of Game of Thrones, as Daenerys' Throne Room.
Insider tip
With Split's Mediterranean climate, always remember your sunscreen year-round.
Split, Croatia Turquoise Sea
Beautiful beach and transparent turquoise sea near Split, Croatia

Aim for the Adriatic

Split is home to both sandy and pebbly beaches, which have calm turquoise waters. Radisson Blu Resort manages Trstenik Beach, which has umbrellas and sun lounges. Bacvice is the most popular and central beach option. About a 20-minute walk from Split is Kastelet Beach and its beachfront bars, too.
Insider tip
A 10 percent gratuity is expected when dining out in Split.
Split, Croatia Hvar Scenery
Colorful scenery of the mediterranean town of Hvar, near Split, Croatia

Island Hop

Although Split is beautiful, make the most of your time on the Croatian coast and visit one of its neighbors. Island spot on your breezy catamaran ride from Split to Hvar, which only takes one hour. On the island, bike along the Stari Grad Plain and visit Stari Grad and its historic buildings, including Tvrdalj Castle. Meanwhile, Brac Island is only 50 minutes from Split and is home to beautiful beaches, such as Punta Rata and Zlatni Rat.
Split, Croatia Nero Seafood Risotto
Nero, a seafood risotto, specialty dining dish with shrimp and scallops smothered in ink from squid, on a restaurant in Split, Croatia

Local Cuisine

Split's cuisine is a mix of Croatian and Italian specialties. Located in Diocletian Palace's western gate, Poseidon Restaurant serves fresh seafood such as octopus, fish and oysters, and black cuttlefish risotto, a traditional Croatian dish that's made with cuttlefish ink. Along the Riva visit Brasserie on 7, with its delicious platters of prawns, clams and tuna, as well as charcuterie and cheese.
Split, Croatia Licitras
Colorfully decorated biscuits made of sweet honey dough on a shop in Split, Croatia


A traditional Croatian souvenir is a licitar heart — a unique way to show someone you loved them in the 16th century. They're bright red and edible, but most people use them today as Christmas decorations. To remember your cruise to Split, Croatia, visit Break Time for unique nautical-themed bracelets.

Dag 10: Kotor, Montenegro

Dag 10
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Kotor, Montenegro, View of City
View of the city of Kotor, Montenegro
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lämnats från 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Looking at a map of Europe, you might be forgiven for missing Kotor — a tiny port in the already-tiny country of Montenegro. But from the moment your Kotor cruise docks, you'll enter a larger-than-life world of mighty forts and towering sea cliffs, the air filled with the refreshing smell of the ocean. With a Montenegro cruise, you can explore the attractions inside Kotor's fortified Old City, one of the Mediterranean's best-preserved medieval towns. Don't miss the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, an ornate church first consecrated in 1166. Then, scale St. John's Fortress — the hilltop fortifications, dating back to the 6th century, offer the best views of the city, the harbor and the surrounding mountains.
Kotor, Montenegro, Saint Nicholas Church
Saint Nicholas Church in Kotor, Montenegro

Old-Town Exploration

After entering through the Sea Gate, which dates back to 1555, discover all the attractions inside Kotor's compact Old Town. Say your prayers at the 11th-century St. Tryphon's Cathedral or in front of St. Nicolas Church, one of Kotor's best examples of Orthodox architecture. Alternatively, learn about the long history of seafaring in this important port at the Maritime Museum, which is housed within a Baroque-era palace.
Insider tip
The stone paths of Kotor's Old Town are well-worn — and slick. If you're wearing flip-flops, walk slowly and firmly so that you don't fall.
Kotor, Montenegro, Aerial View
Aerial view of Kotor, Montenegro

Fort Hike

Want to get your blood pumping? Hike up the Fortifications of Kotor, a serpentine wall and UNESCO World Heritage site that protected Kotor during its violent past. Reaching the top, which not only affords you a panorama of Kotor Bay but also the iconic Church of Our Lady of Health, takes about an hour if you hike at a moderate pace. Follow signs throughout the Old Town to find the trail head, or simply ask a friendly local.
Insider tip
Head to the side streets off the main square for more local, less tourist-driven spots to eat and shop.<
Kotor, Montenegro, Coastal buildings
Coastal buildings in Kotor, Montenegro

Gain Another Perspective

Want to enjoy a great view of Kotor and not get winded? Take a taxi or public bus across the bay to Prcanj, where you can see Kotor (and the fortifications rising above it) from across Kotor Bay with your Montenegro cruise. If the water is calm, you'll notice in its reflection that the Fortifications of Kotor form a heart shape — that should make for a worthy photo.
Kotor, Montenegro, Black Rissoto
Black rissoto with squid served in a white bowl

Local Cuisine

Not surprisingly, seafood is the star of the culinary show in Kotor. Head to the Old Town to enjoy Montenegrin dishes like octopus salad or mussels stew. Or seek out the local favorite "black risotto," named for the color it takes from the ink of the cuttlefish that flavors the dish.
Kotor, Montenegro, Ceramic Souvenirs
Various ceramic souvenirs for sale in Kotor, Montenegro


Shop a quirkier take on traditional Kotor souvenirs with a visit to Cats of Kotor, which features cat-themed Montenegro keepsakes. Cruise to Montenegro and stop in at Efesya Souvenir, where you can explore handmade ceramics, jewelry, lighting fixtures and textiles made by artisans from in and around Kotor.

Dag 11 - 12: cruising

Dag 11 - 12
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Shrimp Wonton Soup - Izumi Restaurant
Shrimp Wonton Soup served at Izumi, fine dining Japanese Restaurant. One of Royal Caribbean's best cruise dining restaurants.
Izumi Sushi Specialty Roll
Izumi Sushi Specialty Roll


Say “Konnichiwa” to a reimagined favorite. Sushi, sashimi and more, all made-to-order with intense flavors, the best ingredients and impeccable presentation.
Chops Grille Dinner Table Dishes
A top-down view of a couple enjoying dinner dishes at Chops Grille on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Chops Grille

For more than a decade, the chefs of Chops Grille have proudly presented quality, hand-cut prime steaks at this hallmark Royal Caribbean restaurant.

Dag 13: Barcelona, Spanien

Dag 13
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Barcelona, Spain Park Guell
View of the city from Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain
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Anländer till 6:00 AM
Det är lätt att förstå varför Barcelona är Spaniens mest välbesökta stad. Som huvudstad i regionen Katalonien är denna kulturella stad ett mosaikkonstverk som utgör en 2 000 år gammal blandning av solkyssta stränder, banbrytande arkitektur och en världsberömd scen för mat och dryck. Den katalanska arkitekten Antoni Gaudí lämnade sitt modernistiska avtryck över hela staden, medan andra medeltida skatter återfinns på de historiska torgen i Barri Gòtic. Här kan du gå vilse i sagoskimrande trädgårdar i Parc Güell eller ta en kurs i katalansk matlagningskonst. Se konstsamlingar dedikerade till Picasso och Miro eller ta linbanan högst upp på berget Montjuïc, där du kan njuta av den underbara utsikten över staden.
Spain Barcelona La Sagrada Familia Interior
La Sagrada Familia Interior Colorful


Ta en nära titt på La Sagrada Família, en katedral och mästerverk som ritades av den hyllade katalanska arkitekten Antoni Gaudí. Förundras över de skyhöga spirorna och stig sedan in för att beundra den vackra mosaiken, Montjuïc-stenpelarna och fasaden som föreställer Jesu födelse. Du kan även klättra längst upp i spirorna för att få panoramautsikt över staden.
Spain Barcelona Barceloneta Beach
Barceloneta Beach at Sunset


Med sju stränder som sträcker sig över mer än 3 kilometer längs Medelhavets kustlinje är Barcelonas hamn känd för några av världens bästa sol- och badäventyr. Slappna av längs kusten, paddla kajak på djupblått vatten eller ge dig ut på en fisketur för att få chansen att dra upp tonfisk, svärdfisk eller medelhavsspjutfisk.
Barcelona Spain La Rambla Historic Buildings
La Rambla Historic Buildings


Ta en promenad längs gågatan La Rambla och upplev stadens sanna anda. Souvenirbutiker, gatuartister, blomsterstånd, trottoarkaféer och katalanska folkdansare gör detta till en färgstark plats. Den fantastiska mittpunkten, katedralen, härstammar från 1100-talet och från tornet kan du njuta av en hisnande utsikt över medeltida Barcelona.
Spain Barcelona Sparkling Cava Wine
Couple Enjoying the Local Sparkling Cava Wine


Barcelona har bemästrat konsten att äta. Många restauranger serverar kreativt nytt spanskt kök, medan restauranger närmare vattnet serverar skaldjurspaella och lunchmenyer med flera rätter som omfattar ett glas mousserande cava. Om du vill prova på det katalanska köket kan du smaka pa amb tomàquet (tomattäckt bröd). Annars kan du mumsa på spanska tapas (små förrätter) vid baren som lokalbefolkningen, med husets egen vermouth i handen.
Spain Barcelona Local Fresh Market Shopping
Couple Strolling Through the Fresh Local Market


Du kan ägna många timmar åt att gå runt på marknaderna i Barcelona för att hitta läderkläder, smycken, gamla böcker och unika hushållsföremål av hög kvalitet. Passeig de Gràcia och Barcelona Shopping Line är två populära shoppinggator, och i de gotiska kvarteren, Barri Gòtic, finns tiotals familjeägda butiker som säljer textilier, brevpapper, dekorativa kakelplattor och lergods för köket.