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What are some frequently visited places in Cuba I should know about that are now prohibited?


In November 2017, new regulations went into effect that prohibit guests from engaging in “direct financial transactions” with certain entities in Cuba. There are approximately 178 places listed as prohibited entities. Some popular locations frequently visited by guests, which are included in the list of prohibited places, are:

  • Gran Hotel Manzana (Kempinski)
  • Hotel Ambos Mundos (Habaguanex)
  • Hotel Raquel (Habaguanex)
  • Casa del Abanico (Habaguanex)
  • Colección Habana (Habaguanex)
  • Florería Jardín Wagner (Habaguanex)
  • Joyería Coral Negro (CIMEX) – Additional locations throughout Cuba
  • La Casa del Regalo (Habaguanex)
  • San Ignacio 415 (Habaguanex)
  • Soldadito de Plomo (Habaguanex)
  • Tienda El Navegante (Habaguanex)
  • Tienda Munecos de Leyenda (Habaguanex)
  • Tienda Museo El Reloj Cuervo y Sobrinos (Habaguanex)
  • Villa Gaviota Santiago (Gaviota)

For more information, see the OFAC Cuba Restricted List.

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