Carlos Miller

Stateroom Attendant

Carlos Miller
Carlos Miller is a friendly guy. Whether he's introducing himself at the start of your cruise, or turning down the bed while you're at dinner, he's doing his best to make sure your room is shipshape and your vacation is everything you hoped for.
So how did you get started working on a cruise ship?
It's interesting how it happened, actually. I had a friend who used to work on cruise ships, and I said I'd like to give it a try. So he took me to a staffing agency and I recognized the guy in charge because I'd worked with him before. Since he already knew my work history, he told me I could have a job if I got my passport and visa. So, I went to the embassy right away, got my visa and left that Friday. It's been sixteen years since then, and I've been with Royal Caribbean the whole time.
Wow. Why stay with Royal Caribbean? What makes them different?
Definitely the service. We're really dedicated to the guests and making sure they have everything they need. I have guests all the time that compare the service they received on other cruise lines to Royal Caribbean. And they tell me the service here is much better.
What about your work makes it satisfying?
I try to do my job the best I can. I have a set of rooms and suites I'm in charge of. So I change the linens and I make sure I clean the room the best I can. I usually check every inch of the room two or three times before I even close the door.
What are some of the little things you do?
It's all about the details. Like if I see the guest has a handheld mirror they're using, I'll wipe it clean for them. If their laptop is open, I'll dust it off. Little things like that.
So what's your favorite part of the job?
My favorite part of working on a cruise ship is all the traveling. I'm doing my work, but I love traveling and I get to do that too, so I feel really good about my job.
Where's your favorite destination?
I like Denmark, Russia, Hawaii. But my favorite is Denmark. It's pretty relaxing up there, really laid-back.
Are you friends with a lot of the onboard staff?
Yeah. You spend so much time together and everyone is really friendly. I have a whole lot of friends onboard.

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