Leslie Castro

International Ambassador

Leslie Castro
Leslie Castro talks a little about why her job as International Ambassador is both exciting and rewarding.
What exactly does an International Ambassador do?
It is my job to make the cruising experience more enjoyable for those International passengers that might not be fluent in English.
How many languages are you fluent in?
Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and of course, English. But beyond mastering the language I make it a point to know as much as possible about the cultural nuances, traditions and customs of the International guests, so I can make them feel welcome.
What kind of experience did you need for this?
After finishing college (Tourism and Hotel administration) I spent years in Paris, Genoa and Sao Paulo, working with companies dedicated to travel and tourism and at the same time absorbing the local cultures, customs and traditions. I actually began at Royal Caribbean as Guest Relations but soon moved to my current position.
So what does your day consist of?
I make a point of meeting each and every International guest onboard and let them know that they can count on me to help them with anything that they might fancy and make their onboard experience more enjoyable. The smile in their faces when somebody addresses them in their native language is worth a picture. Rather than just sit at my desk, from time to time I go around the ship picking out small fragments of conversations in foreign languages and approaching people to let them know that they have an International Ambassador on board.
Do you have any favorite destinations?
I have special memories from Istanbul, Turkey. The view from the ship when entering the port is like a scene from a fairytale, with all the beautiful rooftops and the cupules of the mosques shining in the sun. The only thing missing is the flying rugs.
Have any interesting onboard experiences worth telling?
One time a passenger from Argentina told me that she did not want to leave the ship because it's like breaking a spell, because on board she feels like a princess in her castle. There are passengers that still write to me after months of having sailed.

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