Cesare Sgorbini

Chief Officer of Safety

Cesare Sgorbini
Cesare Sgorbini has allot of responsibilities being third in command as Chief Officer of Safety on Radiance of the Seas.
What exactly is Chief Officer of Safety?
Well, I'm third in command and together with the Captain and the Staff Captain, I'm responsible for maneuvering the ship in and out of ports, training the crew in all safety procedures, the stability of the ship, moving ballast, the fresh water supply and all possible emergencies onboard.
How did you land so much responsibility?
Experience. After going through Nautical School and getting my Master license in 1995, I've now been 18 years onboard different vessels, going a few times around the world.
What do you like to do when you're not looking after everyone onboard?
Rock climbing. I climbed "The Captain" in Yosemite Valley, a three-day ascent that I'll never forget. The views are among the most beautiful in the world.
You've been everywhere, so what's your favorite?
Being Italian, Florence is still my favorite. Not only the place, but the people make it an unforgettable visit. However, Hawaii is great too. The mountains coming down to clear blue water, the majestic landscape and vegetation... it all combines to give you a very unique feeling that you don't get anywhere else in the world.
Anything you want to say to Crown & Anchor Members?
One important thing is that even though you might have taken the safety drills a few times, it's important to do it every single cruise. Maybe it's an opportunity to see it from different angles, see different places within the ship, and do it with different people. I'll make sure you have fun every time.

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