Graham McRorie

Explorations! Manager

Graham McRorie
As Explorations! Manager, Graham McRorie's main priority is making sure you're always having fun. When he's not booking your shore excursions, he's out exploring them on his own. For him, life with Royal Caribbean International® is jam-packed with adventure.
What activities do you book for guests?
We offer adventurous tours all over the world. There's such a wide range - everything from panoramic views in Rome to dogsledding in Alaska.
What are the most popular shore excursions?
Kayaking, biking, horseback riding, and snorkeling all sell out very quickly - so book early. And the aerial tram ride in Puerto Limón, Costa Rica, is also very popular.
How do you choose shore excursions?
We look for as many adventures as we can find. But first we go out and make sure the tours are exciting, and up to Royal Caribbean standards.
Do you have a favorite unknown site?
Well, if I tell you, it won't be unknown. Okay, it's the Tuscan Tour in San Gimignano, Italy. Everyone who goes on it is very impressed.
And what about a favorite photo-op?
With such a long list of itineraries and shore excursions, the photo-ops are endless. So be sure to bring extra film.
Do you have any hobbies?
Yes. When I'm onboard, I like to work out. And when I'm visiting different ports of call, I like water sports. When I'm not working, believe it or not, I love to travel.
What's the best part of your job?
Exploring new places, and meeting great people - especially all the guests.

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