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Cecilia Borges

Loyalty & Cruise Sales Manager

Cecilia Borges

Meet Cecilia Borges from Uruguay. She's been working with Royal Caribbean International® for seven years and loves when our Crown & Anchor® Society members recognize her onboard. Scroll down to learn more about Cecilia Borges.

My name is Cecilia Borges and I'm from Uruguay.

How long have you been with Royal Caribbean?

I've been working for Royal Caribbean for almost seven years.

Now what was the path that brought you to your current role, Cecilia? How did you get your start with Royal Caribbean?

I started with Royal Caribbean International® as a Loyalty and Cruise Sales Manager.

Can you tell us about a time where you went above and beyond to meet a Crown & Anchor's needs?

We go above and beyond to meet Crown & Anchors' needs almost every time. Every time that there's a possibility that we can help them in any way or make their cruise special in some way we do. But I remember a special time when I had a guest onboard who was not in excellent health and his dream was to have dinner at Captain's Table. But the Captain's Table had already been arranged. I remember I went all over the ship, talking here and there with the Captain and everybody to make sure that he had dinner with the Captain. You know, usually they host tables only one evening. He was able to actually participate in the dinner and it was very emotional. He could not have been happier and I was lucky enough that I was part of that moment that was so special for this guest. It was special for me, too.

Guests must ask you quite frequently for advice, what advice do you give about your ship or the destinations that it visits?

Well we have plenty of advice for destinations and ships. It depends upon each guest. They will have a particular dream, a place that they want to visit or something particular that they want to do in port. They will depend on our recommendation and where they should go. Sometimes even it's budget and if that's the case then we also help them to fulfill their dream destination or cruise vacation by knowing better where to direct them. When it comes to ships and staterooms we know a lot of little secrets and that's one of the advantages of making your own reservation while onboard one of our ships with your Loyalty and Cruise Sales Manager. We know the brand and we know our ships. For example, we can give you that particular location of a stateroom that might be a little bit better than another one or that might have a balcony that's a little bit bigger. We do know all these tricks and that's one of the advantages of making a reservation onboard one of our ships.

Do you have a favorite itinerary or destination?

My favorite itinerary or destination…all of them. I love traveling so I love every destination. I've done Alaska several times and I have to say Alaska cruises are absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend that everybody try Alaska at least one time because it's a different cruising experience. I have not heard one guest yet that regretted going to Alaska. And Europe, when they ask me about Europe…Europe is always like a good destination. I lived in Europe a few years and I absolutely adore it. The problem with Europe is where do you want to start. It doesn't matter if you want to do the Baltic or the Mediterranean or maybe you are going to go to the eastern and visit the Greek Islands it doesn't really matter… it's just a problem of deciding where you want to start. What place you want to start. Whatever you choose it's going to be a fantastic choice; don't ever doubt that about Europe it's always an excellent destination.

Now a big part of your role is booking future cruises. Is there a new itinerary that you've seen that you would recommend to a Crown & Anchor member that's exciting?

I would recommend going to Australia and New Zealand. We have a few new ports that we are going to be going to and its actually a fantastic destination so I can highly recommend that you go and come aboard for the Australia and New Zealand season. It's going to be an amazing destination.

You attend several receptions and parties onboard is there a party you look forward to the most?

We have several receptions onboard but I guess one of my favorites is my Crown & Anchor party. Our Welcome Back Party is always an exciting event that I look forward to because it's fun to know who's the highest cruiser. Everybody that's on their second or third cruise… they are like "Wow, they have 50 or 100 cruises" and it gets very, very exciting. Also I get to talk about new itineraries, things that are going on with Royal Caribbean ships so it's an exciting time for me. I love the Welcome Back party it's a fantastic event.

So what is your favorite part about your job?

When somebody asks me what my favorite part is about my job I have to ask how much time do I have to answer that question because I love everything about it. My job is sometimes very difficult and challenging but I have to say that I love that about it too. It's not only the traveling or the fact that I work with people of over 50 different nationalities but also the guests that come onboard sometimes they really make your day. It's fantastic when you have guests that are actually looking for you onboard the ship and they come around and see you again and say, "Hello, how are you? It's been so long? What ship are you going to be on next so I can book my cruise on that ship?" And that's actually so fantastic and so rewarding. It's definitely one of the best parts of the job. Everything about working for Royal Caribbean International is fantastic. I could not find a better place to be right now.

Crown & Anchor members are probably very interested in your personal or onboard life. Is there a question that they ask you quite frequently? If so, what is that question?

We do get asked a lot of questions about our personal life. I guess the one that I usually get asked the most is if I'm married and the answer is that I'm not. They also ask about our lifestyle…such as can we get off and visit the ports, what are our staterooms like, where do we live, what do we eat. But the main one is always if we are married and if we have family. Sometimes they want to know a little secret that they don't know and I tell them something such as, "The chocolate cake in the Windjammer is to die for. It's my guilty pleasure."

What might guests be surprised to learn about you?

I think they might be surprised to learn that I die for chocolate. The chocolate cake in the Windjammer is my guilty pleasure. Whenever I know they are putting out the chocolate cake I have to get it. No matter where I am or what I'm doing I make sure I get a piece of that chocolate cake in the Windjammer. I highly recommend that you try it. It's truly addictive.

What in your own words do the Crown & Anchor members mean to Royal Caribbean?

The Crown & Anchor members are everything for Royal Caribbean International. They are the most loyal guests and their loyalty is something that Royal Caribbean cherishes and values. Their patronage is what allows Royal Caribbean to accomplish what we do from the ships that we build to the charities that we help. They are the pillars that support Royal Caribbean and everything that it stands for.

We would like you to say: "To all my Crown & Anchor members I hope you will visit me onboard Radiance of the Seas. I'll be waiting for you and I can promise you we will have a fantastic cruise vacation."

To all my Crown & Anchor members I hope you will visit me onboard Radiance of the Seas. I'll be waiting for you and I can promise you we will have a fantastic cruise vacation. See you there.

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