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Emma Laycock

Loyalty & Cruise Sales Manager

Emma Laycock

Meet Emma Laycock. Emma completed her studies in travel and tourism and spent the past nine years working overseas in France, Spain, Greece and Malta. She often sails with her fiancée who is a figure skater in the ice skating shows. Scroll down to learn more about Emma Laycock.

What is your name?

Hi, my name is Emma Laycock. I have been working for Royal Caribbean International® for seven years.

What path did you take to end up here as a Royal Caribbean Loyalty team member?

I did my studies in travel and tourism. Then I went to work overseas 9 years ago. I worked for a tour operator and resorts in France, Spain, Greece and Malta. About 5 years ago I went back to the UK and I decided to join Royal Caribbean. I started as cruise staff because I wanted to see what goes on. In my job I need to know where the ships are, the itineraries, about the different classes of ships, and now I've worked on just about all of them?

Can you tell us of a moment when you went above and beyond to meet a Crown & Anchor Society member's needs?

The one thing about our Crown & Anchor guests they always let us know what's going on during their cruise. A lot of people are celebrating family reunions, birthdays or anniversaries. Knowing that makes you feel like you want to do something special for them such as sending flowers to their room or taking the children on a bridge tour. I've done various different things because when you give them that special little surprise they're going to remember that from their vacation and they are going to remember you and what you did for them.

Guests must ask you quite frequently for advice. What insider tips do you usually tell guests about your ship or the destinations that you visit?

I always tell them my personal favorite parts of the ship. They always want to know what the best thing to see is or the best place to go. For example, we have the ice shows that I absolutely adore. We are in Europe so there are so many ports of call. I personally love the ports. We, the crew, get to go out and find the best places to eat and the best sights to see and how best to get around.

Part of your role is booking future cruises. What's a new or adventurous itinerary that you would recommend?

We have so many to offer. Australia and New Zealand is a new area to the company. I work with many Brits and Australia and New Zealand is highly desired by the English people. So I would definitely tell them about Australia and New Zealand.

If a Crown & Anchor Society member said that they could go on any cruise Royal Caribbean offered, any length, any ship, any destination, what would be your personal recommendation for them?


You attend several parties and events onboard. Which do you most look forward to? And why?

I like the Platinum Diamond Breakfast because we get to sit and have breakfast with the guests. We get to chat with them away from our desk and the sales part of our job. We can chat about what cruises they're booked on and where they're going and how they are enjoying the current one.

What's your favorite part of the job as a whole?

My favorite part of the job is the guests themselves. I love just meeting new guests and it's really nice when you get to see the same guests again. You build up a great rapport with them. Even if they don't book a cruise with you they just pop in to say, "Hi".

Crown & Anchor members are probably interested in your onboard life and your personal life. What question do they most ask you?

My most asked question is do I have a husband or a partner. Actually my finance is a figure skater and a lot of the time I've been on the same ship with him and then when they go to the ice skating show they want to know which one he is. And they always come back and tell me that his show was great.

What might guests be surprised to learn about you? Do you have any special skills or hobbies?

A lot of the guests find it interesting how much traveling I have done. They ask how I got started on ships and say that I look so young and especially to have traveled 9 years by myself to most parts of Europe.

What in your words do the Crown & Anchor members mean to Royal Caribbean?

They are our biggest advertisement because when they enjoy themselves they tell friends and family. It makes us feel good because then we know we are doing something right. They just keep coming back.

Any final words?

I just love my job. I love Royal Caribbean. I'm proud to work for them.

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