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Melissa Broome

Loyalty & Cruise Sales Manager

Melissa Broome

Meet Melissa Broome, who has been with Royal Caribbean International® for nine years.  You might be surprised to know that she is an artist—she takes pictures while in port and then paints and exhibits them. Scroll down to learn more about Melissa Broome.

My name is Melissa Broome.

What path brought you to your current role?

I started off in Guest Services as a Purser and then I was group coordinator for a little bit and then I became a Loyalty and Cruise Sales Manager. That was over the course of about nine years.

Can you tell us about a moment where you went above and beyond for a Crown & Anchor member?

I went above and beyond for a Crown & Anchor member when we had a couple on the cruise that were taking their 100th cruise credit with Royal Caribbean on the Radiance and we actually created this album of moments for them. We took photos, we got the Captain to write a note, the Hotel Director, dining room staff to contribute comments we even made an advertisement with them onboard, we had special dinners, we did just about everything. They were so pleased.

Guests must ask you frequently for advice. What insider tips do you tell guests about your ship or the destinations on your itinerary?

On my ship I tell them the ins and outs of where they can go, the entertainment, the food onboard, and the personalities they will meet. On the Splendour we don't have all the bells and whistles of the large ships so we tell them about the people they will meet.

Another big part of your role is helping the members with future cruises. What's a new or adventuresome itinerary you would recommend to someone?

The new and adventuresome itinerary I would recommend is either Asia or Australia/New Zealand simply because I haven't been there myself and I'm excited about it. I have gathered all kinds of information to be able to help them make those cruise vacations easier.

You attend several parties, events, and receptions onboard. Which is your favorite and why?

The event that I most look forward to is the Welcome Back Party. Simply because it's my moment to connect with my Crown & Anchor members and let them know exactly what we have planned for them. This may sound a little corny but I tell them, “You have one life to live and one world to see and the best way to see that one world is with Royal Caribbean. And then I tell them about the brand new itineraries and the changes we are making and they really get excited. I'm excited about doing it…that's my moment…the Welcome back Party.

What's your favorite part of your job as a whole?

My favorite part of my job is when I plan Reunion or Anniversary cruises for my members. They have set aside one week maybe two weeks for a special vacation and this is a time when they can connect with friend, family and loved ones. I can help to make this a fantastic time for them.

Crown & Anchor members are probably interested in your personal or onboard life. Is there a question that you are frequently asked?

Crown & Anchor members most often ask me if I'm married. They want to know how it's possible for me to spend the time I do onboard…to be away from friends and family. But I let them know that this is a life changing opportunity to visit all these different places. Over my tenure with the company I have seen so many place and met so many guests from all over the world. It's like networking in a different way.

What might guests be surprised to learn about you. Do you have any special skills or hobbies?

I think guests are surprised to learn that I am an artist. I do watercolors and exhibit every year. Even when I'm onboard I have paintings that I do from some of the ports that I visit. I take loads of pictures so I go back and I paint and I exhibit.

What in your words do Crown & Anchor members mean to Royal Caribbean?

Crown & Anchor members mean stability for Royal Caribbean, support, absolute support, also progress. Without them we wouldn't know how to take this company further. We are able to meet their needs because we are listening to what they have asked us for.
I'm looking forward to seeing all our Crown & Anchor members on your next cruise vacation.

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