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Palettes of water being loaded into a UN truck Haitians stand in line to collect water Haitians stand in line to collect water
Maryse Kedar and her team distribute water to the Haitian people Royal Caribbean International's guests onboard Jewel of the Seas recently assisted staff and crew in packing relief supplies to be delivered to Haiti. Relief supplies onboard the Jewel of the Seas en route to Haiti
Forklift unloading relief supplies for Royal Caribbean Forklift unloading relief supplies for Royal Caribbean Pallets waiting to be loaded on to a truck to be distributed in Haiti.
Aerial view of pallets to be distributed in Haiti
Royal Caribbean's Relief Efforts
To date, we have distributed over 3,057 pallets of material – items such as medical supplies, food, water and equipment of all kinds - to Haiti and more is on its way.

Supplies are just the beginning steps in fulfilling the needs of the Haitian people. Royal Caribbean Cruises has been able through donations like yours and our team of individuals stationed in Haiti bring to life other projects, including:
  • Open and maintain 14 temporary schools and 7 kindergartens impacting 3,000 children in the Port Au Prince area.
  • Construct 30 water tanks in the camp areas bringing fresh water to thousands of Haitian's living in camps.
  • Complete plans and began construction of two primary schools; one in the north near Labadee and one in the south near Port Au Prince.
  • Began construction on an orphanage in the Port Au Prince area in partnership with Partners in Health*.
  • And, constructed a new roof on the medical clinic in Labadie Village, placing solar panels on the roof to reduce their insufficient dependency on generator power.
Given our 30 year history and all our connections with Haiti, we will continue our efforts and work with the US and International community to rebuild Haiti. Haiti faces incredible challenges that are far beyond any one company's capacity to solve. But we are committed to play our part.

Check on Adam's blog for updated stories and pictures from Haiti.


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