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Kralendijk, Bonaire

Bonaire features some of the best diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean, thanks to thriving coral reefs and rich marine ecosystems protected by islanders. Tidy, colorful Kralendijk feels more like a seaside town than a capital city.

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Kralendijk, Bonaire

Port of Call

The One Thing You Don't Want to Miss

You'll definitely want to see Sorobon Beach, on the east side of Bonaire located within a large protected bay. Enjoy sunbathing or windsurfing, which has become quite popular in Sorobon Beach thanks to the warm shallow water, steady trade winds and abundance of sunshine. Sorobon Beach has hosted both local and international windsurfing competitions.

Also a must-see are Bonaire's famous pink flamingos which, in mating season, number in the 15,000s. Washington Slagbaai National Park is the place to go and, with its varied terrain, you'll also have a chance to see a wide variety of other bird life, from the bananaquit (a cheeky little yellowbreasted bird known locally for stealing sugar off diner's tables) to the Caribbean parakeet.

Sporting Adventures

There's plenty to do in Bonaire. Diving in the Marine Park is excellent. Snorkeling offers a rainbow array of fish and a wide variety of healthy corals, from staghorn to gorgonians.

Shopping for Bargains

A stroll along Kaya Grandi in Kralendijk offers a wide variety of interesting bargains, on things like gemstone jewelry, wood, leather, silver and ceramics. You'll also find prints and paintings, painted fish and island dolls.

Get a Taste of Local Flavor

Creole is the favorite local cuisine, particularly influencing seafood dishes, from conch shell to grilled spicy fish and lobster. Caribbean influences to look for include papaya, plantain and funchi (corn-meal mush). And this is after all the Dutch Antilles, so there are many delicious smoked meats and excellent cheeses to be found. If you want to try an unusual local dish, ask for the cactus soup!

Local Currency

Bonaire's official currency is the U.S. Dollar (USD). Most major credit cards are accepted on the island.

Weather in Kralendijk, Bonaire


Temperature Fahrenheit Celsius
Average High 85° 29.44°
Average Low 77° 25°
Mean Temperature N/A N/A
Record High N/A N/A
Record Low N/A N/A
Precipitation Inches Centimeters
Average Precip. 0.99 in 2.51 cm

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