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Sochi, Russia

Sochi, Russia

A visit to the “Black Sea Pearl” on the Russian Riviera will astound you. While Sochi is best known as the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics, it is so much more than that, bringing a sophisticated and cosmopolitan flare to the Black Sea coast. Incredible oceanfront views cement Sochi as one of the top summer destinations in Russia as millions flock to its azure beaches.

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Sochi, Russia

Port of Call in Europe

The One Thing You Don't Want To Miss

In the surprisingly urban city of Sochi, the one thing you simply have to see is Riviera Park. Go directly to Friendship Alley and see the various trees and plants that were placed here by Russian cosmonauts, American astronauts, politicians and celebrities throughout the park’s more than 100 years. After a leisurely walk through the alley, grab a bite to eat or a refreshing drink at one of the park’s restaurants.

Other Fun Things To Do

  • Museum hopping is just one of the many ways to pass an afternoon in Sochi. Visit the Museum of Sochi Sport Honour for a history of the Olympics, or study the art of the region at the Sochi Art Museum.
  • Take pictures of the perfectly trimmed lawns and a stunning Mauritanian arbor at Drendary Botanical Garden.
  • See the ruins of Byzantine architecture at the Godlik Fortress and the Loo Temple.
  • Mount Akhun is perfect for the outdoorsy and adventurous visitors of Sochi. Hike to the top for the ultimate panoramic view. On your way down, look for Agurskoe Canyon where you’ll be rewarded with vistas of three breathtaking waterfalls.

Get A Taste Of Local Flavor

If you’re hungry for uniquely Russian cuisine, try grilled shashlik. It’s a shish kebab made with beef, chicken or pork, with added veggies such as onions, marinated in lemon. Keep up the hearty meals with bitochki, a hamburger patty that’s breaded and cooked in a gravy sauce and served with cream and onions. For dessert, try blinis, the Russian equivalent of a crepe stuffed with fruit and fresh whipped cream.

Shopping For Bargains

Two locations in Sochi are ideal for shoppers: MoreMall and Trade Gallery. MoreMall is near Sochi’s city center, and houses a great mix of boutiques, souvenir shops and eateries showcasing the best of Russian and international cuisine. Meanwhile, Trade Gallery has a slew of shops that sell everything from artisanal crafts to clothing to regional vodkas.

Local Currency

The Russian rouble (RUB) is the official and only currency accepted in Sochi. Only use official Russian banks, and bring a passport for all monetary exchanges. Leave your American Express cards behind as Sochi largely favors Visa and MasterCard.

Weather in Sochi, Russia


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Precipitation Inches Centimeters
Average Precip. N/A N/A

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