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Port Hedland, Australia

Port Hedland, Australia

Port Hedland sits at the heart of a region rich in indigenous, culture and history. This area sits on the path of the warlu, or Dreamtime sea serpent, who legend holds emerged from the sapphire sea to travel into the red heart of the outback.

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Port Hedland, Australia

Port of Call

The One Thing You Don't Want to Miss

Wander along Cooke Point and witness the breathtaking Staircase to the Moon between May and October. This natural phenomenon is caused by the rising of a full moon reflecting on the exposed mudflats at extremely low tide - creating a beautiful optical illusion of a staircase reaching up to the moon.

Other Fun Things to Do

  • Visit the first Royal Flying Doctor Service base in Western Australia. The base was established in 1935 and is still in operation today.
  • There are a number of excellent walking trails around town, visiting the impressive old buildings, along the coast and down to the harbor.
  • Visit Cape Keraudren Nature Reserve and Eighty Mile Beach, where brilliant aqua and azure waters meet white sands, turtles come to nest in the summer months and migratory birds fill the sky from their Arctic breeding grounds.

Sporting Adventures

The town's ideal location provides for a variety of aquatic leisure activities including superb fishing. Port Hedland is an angler's paradise where a wide variety of fish such as bream, whiting, mulet, kingfish and skippy can be caught in a number of habitats. A large population of juicy mud crabs live in the dense mangroves vegetated with samphires and other salt-tolerant plants. Further south of Port Hedland is Point Samson and the tropical islands of the Dampier Archipelago, both hot spots for game and recreational fishing.

Local Currency

The Australian dollar (AUD) is the official currency of Australia. Many stores and restaurants also accept major credit cards, which usually offer you a good exchange rate. When shopping, remember there is a Value-Added Tax added to most purchases.

Weather in Port Hedland, Australia


Temperature Fahrenheit Celsius
Average High N/A N/A
Average Low N/A N/A
Mean Temperature N/A N/A
Record High N/A N/A
Record Low N/A N/A
Precipitation Inches Centimeters
Average Precip. N/A N/A

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