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Yalta, Ukraine

Yalta, Ukraine

Yalta's fresh mountain air mingled with the wafting scents of the sea is just what the doctor ordered – literally. A trip to Yalta was often prescribed in the 1800’s for Europeans that needed a mental health break, or those who struggled with asthma. But the refreshing piney air isn’t the only thing about Yalta worth visiting. The arresting views, fascinating history and friendly locals are more than enough to keep tourists coming back for more.

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Yalta, Ukraine

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The One Thing You Don't Want To Miss

Yalta's most famous claim to fame is its contribution to history after World War II. The Livadia Palace is where Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt met for the Yalta Conference in 1945, one of three sites where the organization of Europe was discussed post-WWII. Stroll the grounds for free – or pay to enter the historic palace to see the rooms where the conference took place.

Other Fun Things To Do

  • Beloved Russian writer Anton Chekhov penned many of his short stories while in Yalta. His house is now a museum, and offers an enlightening look at the writer’s life.
  • The Nikita Botanical Garden is one of the world’s oldest, and still functions as a research center. It’s a major tourist draw and is where you can find a collection of native flora from Ukraine.
  • Stalin once lived in the Massandra Palace, a quaint summer chateau originally built for Emperor Alexander III of Russia. The palace is nestled in the quiet countryside surrounding Yalta, and offers panoramic views of the area.

Get A Taste Of Local Flavor

A uniquely Ukranian dish is the golubtsi, cabbage leaves stuffed with meat (or fish) and rice, sporting a cheesy topping that may also come with mushrooms. Potato pancakes are a must, except you’ll find them on menus as deruny. The traditional beetroot stew, known as borsch, is a starchy favorite and is often made with potatoes in addition to beets. Ukranians serve them with pampoushki and sour cream.

Shopping For Bargains

The waterfront promenade on Lenina Naberzhenaya is the best place to take in sweeping seaside views and shop at the same time. A variety of souvenir shops and boutiques can be found lining the promenade, so you can stock up on everything from Matryoshka dolls to honey to caviar.

Local Currency

The local currency in Yalta is the Ukranian hryvnia (UAH). Exchange money at any banks in Yalta, preferably at the city center, and make sure the cash you exchange is in fairly good condition.

Weather in Yalta, Ukraine


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