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National Geographic Snorkeler Gear
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National Geographic Snorkeler Gear

From coral reefs and shipwrecks to underwater volcanoes, there’s an incredible world under the waves. Your exploration can include top quality National Geographic Snorkeler gear, available only on selected tours offered through Royal Caribbean.

Whether it’s your first underwater exploration or your 100th, you’ll love what you see. Just look for the National Geographic Snorkeler gear name when booking.

Tours Featuring National Geographic Snorkeler Gear


Experience the National Geographic Snorkeler gear difference with your own snorkel set. Available for purchase onboard our ships.

Bring the adventure home, as these items are also available for immediate purchase here.

And when you book a tour featuring National Geographic Snorkeler gear, enjoy 10% off the products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why book an excursion featuring National Geographic Snorkeler gear?

National Geographic™ Snorkeler gear helps support the National Geographic™ Society. National Geographic net proceeds support vital exploration, conservation, research, and education. National Geographic™ Snorkeler products are distributed by Florida Atlantic International Corp (FAIC) under license from the National Geographic™ Society.

How can I book an excursion featuring National Geographic Snorkeler gear?

Tours can be reserved before you sail on Cruise Planner, the online booking tool, or onboard the ship. We recommend booking in advance, as early as possible, as snorkel tours are popular and sell out fast.

What are the benefits of booking a tour featuring National Geographic Snorkeler gear?

Enjoy great underwater views while snorkeling using high-quality, performance dive snorkeling equipment from National Geographic Snorkeler. You will also receive a 10% discount on the purchase of your choice of National Geographic Snorkeler gear that you can take home to enjoy after the cruise.

How can I claim my 10% off National Geographic Snorkeler gear?

If you purchased a tour featuring National Geographic Snorkeler gear prior to your sailing, you will receive a savings voucher in your stateroom. If you book onboard, the Shore Excursions team will give you the voucher when completing your tour reservation. The voucher can be redeemed at out Dive shop or at the Shore Excursions desk onboard. If you booked both the tour and ordered gear before the cruise, you will see a 10% credit off the gear purchase price reflected in your onboard account.

Where can I purchase National Geographic Snorkeler gear?

The National Geographic Snorkeler gear can be purchased onboard at the Dive Shop and at the Shore Excursions Desk.

Is there an extra cost because it is a tour featuring National Geographic Snorkeler gear?

No, there are no additional fees.

What do I need to bring with me on the tour?

The snorkeling equipment will be provided, and you need to bring the following items: your SeaPass card, a waterproof camera, sun protection (like a rash guard) and a towel from the ship. You may want to have a hat, sunglasses and a T-shirt.

Am I allowed to feed the fish while I am snorkeling?

In general, you are not allowed to touch, move or remove any marine life. If a tour allows feeding, it will be communicated in the tour briefing.

Are there rules against grabbing a turtle or any other marine life and going for a ride?

Yes! It is strictly forbidden to disturb sea turtles. Royal Caribbean offers other tours in the Caribbean where you can learn more about these endangered species and efforts to help save them and their natural habitats.