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Paradise Destination

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Next to a waterfall in Jamaica. Or on a pink-sand beach in Bermuda. Royal Romance makes it possible for you to wed at a range of unique settings across the globe. The hardest part will be deciding which incredible location is the perfect one for you.

  • Pre-planning with a Royal Romance Wedding Specialist
  • Round-trip taxi transportation for bridal couple to the ceremony
  • A romantic wedding ceremony
  • Exotic wedding location
  • Royal Romance Wedding Officiant
  • A personal Wedding Coordinator on hand during the ceremony
  • A classic or wild flower bridal bouquet (based on availability)
  • A groom’s boutonniere with single matching bloom
  • A keepsake marriage certificate
  • Bottle of sparkling wine served at ceremony site (non-alcoholic sparkling wine will be substituted in state parks)


  • Transportation is provided to and from the ship (within a 10-mile radius of the ship).
  • Bridal couples may choose to host their wedding reception onboard.
  • Bridal couples may invite their family and friends to join them on their wedding day, however additional charges will apply for cake, champagne, transportation, chairs and entrance fees.
  • In case of inclement weather, wedding ceremonies will be held onboard.
  • Please let Royal Romance know at the time of booking if any of your guests have special needs no later than forty-five (45) days prior to sailing. Not all locations are wheelchair accessible.
  • Many garden and beach locations, while beautiful, are not private.
  • Destination weddings are performed while the ship is at a port of call. Since the wedding will take up the majority of your day, Royal Romance suggests that tours are NOT arranged on the same day. We advise that if you or your guests have not visited the port chosen for the wedding, you may want to consider having the wedding take place on embarkation day or at another port of call.
  • Weddings are performed on local time.
  • Please contact a Royal Romance Wedding Specialist for more information.
  • Please note; Due to noise and outside interference, music is not provided for shoreside weddings. Contact a Royal Romance Wedding Specialist for alternate musical enhancements.