Four Must-See Destinations to Visit Now

These places are all true essentials for travelers, and you can cruise to every one of them.
by 1064

Tourists in Thailand

Even if you’ve already got a lengthy travel bucket list, there are four destinations you have to add. The best part? You can easily catch a cruise to each one; check them out:

Some spots offer incredible cultural experiences thanks to historical sites that were built by ancient civilizations. Others, like Alaska, are some of the best places to cruise to in 2017, making this the perfect time to check them out. Now that Empress of the Seas is headed to Cuba, this must-see Caribbean island is finally within easy reach, too. Read on to see why you absolutely can’t miss these special locales.

The Last Frontier should make your travel list for many reasons. Perhaps most of all is the perfect mix of land and sea attractions paired with its unparalleled beauty.

Ketchikan is teeming with wildlife and exhilarating ways to see it, such as traveling to a secluded section of Tongass National Forest by floatplane to watch black bears pluck salmon from a rushing stream. Glaciers abound across the state, and in Juneau you can see them by driving, flying and hiking, via dogsled or even by catching a helicopter up to a peak on a guided ice-climbing expedition.

The beauty of Alaska surrounds you on board, too. From the ship, you can see majestic sights that include the Misty Fjords, Hubbard Glacier and the Inside Passage, all of which offer incredible rugged coastline views and possible whale sightings.

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Beyond beautiful shorelines, Mexico is known for its historic sites, most notably its extensive Mayan ruins. From Cozumel, one of the most picturesque Caribbean ports, you can explore Tulum and its ancient sites or snorkel in the waters of an underground cave the Mayans once used to honor their rain god.

There’s also Costa Maya, which offers world-class beach spots with kayaking, catamaran cruises, and plenty of snorkeling at your fingertips. Deep in the jungle, you’ll find more temples in the ancient city of Chacchoben.

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Southeast Asia
This unique area of the world has its own island adventures and ancient sites you won’t find anywhere else. In Thailand, you can head to remote, beautiful escapes off the island of Phuket. By boat, you’ll pass through breathtaking limestone formations jutting out of the crystal clear waters in Phang Nga Bay, visit Khao Phing Kan and even board a “water village” of floating homes.

Among all the ancient and ornate Buddhist temples that dot the region, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat may be the most impressive. As the largest religious monument in the world, this expansive complex has temples dating to the 12th century that are dedicated to both Hindu gods as well as Buddha, allowing you to trace the origins of these religions.

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New Zealand
Once overshadowed by its larger neighbor down under, New Zealand has been attracting the attention of outdoor adventurers for its wealth of natural wonders. You can sandboard down giant dunes on the Hokianga slopes and explore caves lit by glow worms, and travel around the 150 isles in the Bay of Islands—which makes for excellent cruising and boat tours.

There are plenty of outdoor thrills in the city of Auckland, from climbing the 200-foot Auckland City Bridge and taking a ferry to the volcanic Rangitoto Island to trekking the lava crops to the summit or hopping on quad bikes for a coastal safari.

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