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Q:  What is the difference between an optional and mandatory day prior gateway?
A:  Mandatory day prior gateways are cities where we are unable to secure any flights on the same day or on a red eye for you to arrive at the seaport in time for your cruise. For this reason Royal Caribbean will make arrangements for you to arrive at the seaport one-day/night prior and provide complimentary hotel accommodations. NOTE: Red-eye service may be used from a mandatory day prior gateway if it becomes available.

An optional day prior gateway may require you fly to the seaport the night prior to the cruise on a red-eye flight schedule. If Royal Caribbean International is unable to provide you with air transportation on the day of your cruise or on a red-eye flight, we will provide complimentary hotel accommodations at our option. If you do not want a red-eye flight you may utilize our Custom Air Department for a nominal service fee and hotel arrangements at your own expense. Just call (800) 636-2440.
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