What is the adjusted automatic gratuity amount?
Does the automatic gratuity apply to all guests?
How is the automatic daily gratuity shared between members of the staff and crew?
What if I want to provide special recognition for a crew member?
Are there other gratuities to be expected during my cruise?
Why would I need to modify my gratuity amounts?
How do I pay the gratuities?
Why is the gratuity automatic?
Is the gratuity required?
Is the amount of the automatic daily gratuity different than the previously recommended gratuity amounts?
What are the gratuity guidelines for cruises?
Why the increase in gratuities?
I booked my cruise prior to May 1, 2016. How does this impact my cruise?
How does the new Royal Caribbean suggested daily gratuity compare to their competitors?
Am I required to pay these adjusted totals?
Will the gratuity amount for bar, wine, and beverage service be adjusted at this time?
Is there a deadline to modify or remove my prepaid or automatic gratuities?
What is Royal Caribbean's Automatic Gratuity Program?
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