Excursion Planning
What exactly are Shore Excursions?
What types of excursions does Royal Caribbean offer?
What excursions does Royal Caribbean recommend?
Do I have to go on a shore excursion? What else can I do?
How much time should I allow between excursions in a day?
Do I have to reserve my excursion with Royal Caribbean?
Will I receive priority disembarkation if I reserve an independent excursion?
Are there any special requirements for visiting international ports?
How do I request a Shore Excursions brochure prior to my sailing?
What is the refund/cancellation policy in the event of inclement weather or unexpected circumstances?
Are there any requirements, such as visa's or inoculations, for visiting certain ports?
Can I purchase a Shore Excursion for the day I get off the ship?
Europe Shore Excursions: How do I obtain a visa for St. Petersburg if I want to travel independently, not as a participant of a Royal Caribbean Shore Excursion?
Europe Shore Excursions: Will shore excursions be provided in another language other than English?
Alaska Cruisetour: What is the temperature in Alaska and will I need special clothing on the Shore Excursions?
What is the smoking policy on your Cruisetours?
Are there different activity levels for Shore Excursions?
How can I find out if a tour is too strenuous and more than I can handle?
How can I obtain Shore Excursions accessibility information?
How can I review Shore Excursions options without purchasing a cruise?
Groups: How can I book a group shore excursion request?
Is there an Infant Price?
Groups: Can you refer me to an outside tour operator or Destination Management Company?
Europe/South America: Will transportation be available from the ship to the city center?
How do I create a My Cruises account?
What are the Terms & Conditions for your Shore Excursions?
Are there any special visa requirements for cruises to Papua New Guinea?
How do I find out which tours are wheelchair accessible?
Are all tours wheelchair accessible?
Can all wheelchairs or scooters be accommodated on the Accessible vehicles?
Can my scooter fit in the motor coach luggage compartment?
Are the tour motor coaches lift equipped in the continental U.S.?
Are the tour motor coaches lift equipped outside of the United States?
What are Private Arrangements via Private Accessible Vehicle?
How far in advance due I need to request Private Transportation?
What are "accessible" Tours?
When can I book "accessible" Tours?
What type of transportation is used on "accessible" Tours?
Can all guests with limited mobility participate on the accessible tours?
Are all types of water transportation (boats, catamarans, water taxis, ferries, etc.) wheelchair accessible?
If I am a full time wheelchair user guest traveling with a scooter, can I disembark at ports where the ship tenders?
Can special accommodations be made on tours for blind and deaf guests?
What is considered a Level I Shore Excursion?
What is considered a Level II Shore Excursion?
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