Life Onboard
During the cruise, what will I need with me to get back on the ship?
What is an Onboard Expense Account? How does it work?
Are ATM machines available onboard?
What are the gratuity guidelines for cruises?
What are the gratuity guidelines for the tour portion of a cruisetour?
What activities are available for children and teens?
How do I find the hours and activities for Adventure Ocean?
Are babysitters available onboard?
Is there a charge for skates or ice skating onboard? What size skates are there?
What are the dress codes onboard?
What is Royal Caribbean International's Age Policy?
Does Royal Caribbean provide highchairs or baby strollers?
Can cribs/rollaways be provided in my stateroom?
What electrical voltage is offered onboard?
Are walkie-talkies allowed onboard?
Is Internet access available from the ship?
Do the menus and entertainment change from sailing to sailing?
How can I audition to become a singer or dancer onboard?
Who do I contact if my onboard purchase is lost or damaged?
What items are not allowed onboard the cruise ship?
Is there a way to transfer pictures from my digital camera to a CD onboard?
Does the SeaPass® card include security features?
Do you accept personal checks, travelers checks and foreign currency?
Why the increase in gratuities?
I booked my cruise prior to May 1, 2016. How does this impact my cruise?
How does the new Royal Caribbean suggested daily gratuity compare to their competitors?
Are gratuities automatically added?
Am I required to pay these adjusted totals?
Will the gratuity amount for bar, wine, and beverage service be adjusted at this time?
Will the Quantum class have a Spa, H2O Zone or Studio B?
What is Autism Friendly Certification?
What does Autism Friendly Certification include?
What does Autism Friendly Bronze Level Certification include?
What does Silver, Gold and Diamond Level certification include?
How does Autism Friendly Certification impact families with autism?
What?s changing in terms of what you offer families with autism?
What are Autism Friendly Films?
What is Autism Friendly Toy Lending?
What is a Social Story in relation to autism?
What do you offer for teens with autism?
What do you offer for adults with autism?
What if my autistic family member has difficulty waiting in line?
What if my autistic family member has a special dietary need?
What if my autistic family member requires one-on-one attention?
What is VOOM?
How fast is your internet? What will I be able to do?
Is the internet really that fast? I was on a cruise before and the internet was so slow!
What ships have VOOM (High Speed Internet)?
How much does VOOM cost?
Can I only connect where there are "hotspots" on each ship?
I'm a Crown and Anchor member. How do I apply my discount when I purchase internet?
I'm a Crown and Anchor member. What is my discount?
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