Luggage & Luggage Tags
What ships are offering the service?
What is the cost for the Luggage Valet program?
Can the Luggage Valet program be purchased prior to my cruise?
What will happen to my luggage once it is off the ship?
Do I need to have purchased transfers from Royal Caribbean to participate in the Luggage Valet program?
Can I check-in excess luggage as part of the Luggage Valet program?
What items are not allowed onboard the cruise ship?
How much luggage may I bring onboard?
I accidentally left or lost an item onboard the ship. What can I do?
What is the Luggage Tag Program?
How do I qualify for a Luggage Tag Mailer?
Is there a cut-off for requesting a Luggage Tag Mailer?
How do I order a Luggage Tag Mailer?
When can I expect to receive the Luggage Tag Mailer?
What happens if I don't order a Luggage Tag Mailer before I leave home?
How do I receive my luggage tags?
What do you offer for families with autism?
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