5 Best Ways to Instagram Your Vacation

Easy tips for gorgeous, shareable shots of your next adventure.
by 515

Ever feel like your vacation photos just don’t do justice to the amazingness of the trip you went on? Never fear: We’ve collected some tips for taking Instagram-worthy photos that capture the true essence of your adventure. You’ll never say, “You had to be there…”ever again.


Serene Scenes

Have someone capture a photo of you admiring your surroundings to add a thoughtful edge to your post. You never know what you might see, and sometimes a picture of your reaction makes the boldest statement.


Captivate With Color

Bright colors and various shapes are guaranteed to get double-taps. While you’re exploring your destination, be it a city scene in St. Thomas or a quiet beachside restaurant in Cozumel, look for shots like this one, which utilizes interesting depth and dimension.


Flipping Out

Whether you’re with family or friends, a creative pose is a great way to take your photo past the cliche. Come up with a unique symmetrical group pose to give your followers a new perspective on your journey — and make them feel like they’re right there with you.



View From the Ship

Have a ton of pictures of the ocean already? #TravelProblems. Mix it up and take one with just a part of the ship in it. A creative angle like this one gives your photo a sense of place and context.



The perfect scoops get all the likes. Stay cool and look cooler by grabbing a swirl of soft serve onboard, holding the cone so close to your camera that people can practically taste the chocolate, and then get the shot before it starts to melt. Extra credit if your mani is on point!


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