The Best Places To Cruise In 2017

The top destinations you can cruise to this year.
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It may be heralded as the new must-see spot for European vacations, but Portugal is full of ancient history marked by a unique mix of Arabic and European influences. The capital, Lisbon, is about 400 years older than Rome. Dive into its past at Saint George’s Castle, which was built by the Moors and overlooks Lisbon’s historic city center. Then there’s Madeira, a rocky island born out of volcanic rock that sports charming cliffside villages and is famous for its namesake fortified wine.

A new year means new opportunities: to get in shape, get a promotion, but most importantly—to indulge your wanderlust by traveling. Thankfully, you have no shortage of options when it comes to planning your next vacation, since Royal Caribbean International offers cruises to destinations all over the globe.

To help you plan, we’ve predicted the top travel destinations for 2017. Some may be celebrating a major anniversary or hosting a world-renowned event; we also included emerging places that are getting noticed, as well as some perennial favorites that are worth revisiting.

Here’s a list of the spots you’ll want to hit this year, and the best things to do when you get there. Check it out for inspiration, and then find the cruise that’s perfect for you.