Think Green: 6 Eco-Friendly Facts About Anthem of the Seas

The coolest green features on Royal Caribbean’s new cruise ship.
by 362

Did you know Anthem of the Seas has the lowest rate of energy consumption of any ship in the cruise industry? In honor of her inaugural year — and World Environment Day on June 5 — we rounded up a few more eco-friendly features on this high-tech, low-impact ship.

  1. Zero incandescent bulbs: All lighting onboard Anthem comes from low-energy LED or fluorescents. Plus, the ship’s hallways are outfitted with motion sensors for further energy savings.
  2. Millions of tiny bubbles along Anthem’s hull allow the ship to glide as it sails through the ocean. Known as an air lubrication system, it creates better energy efficiency and lowers Anthem’s fuel usage.
  3. Massive “scrubbers” treat and clean the ship’s exhaust, dramatically reducing the sulfur dioxide emitted–up to 98% less than a standard ship’s emissions!
  4. Anthem features a high-tech waste management facility complete with compactors, crushers and shredders to make sure all garbage is dealt with responsibly and efficiently. If something can be recycled, re-purposed or converted from waste to energy, it is.
  5. The Advanced Wastewater Purification system cleans wastewater generated from sinks, showers, laundry, galleys, toilets and medical facilities onboard. It produces clean water that is treated to a standard twice as stringent as U.S. federal standards.
  6. Environmental Officers (just one of the many ridiculously cool jobs onboard) make sure the crew is properly trained in waste management, energy efficiency and chemical management. The E.O. also performs daily testing of the exhaust and wastewater systems to make sure everything is clean as a whistle.

Learn more about Royal Caribbean’s environmental initiatives here.