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Where is the Port of Barcelona?


Port of Barcelona D'Adossat Terminal
Moll Adossat    
1, 08039 Barcelona, Spain 

Royal Caribbean Directions to Barcelona, Spain Cruise Terminal:

From El Prat International Airport (BCN) to pier (10 miles, about 40 minutes):

  • Exit the airport and take the road to Barcelona City.
  • Once there, take the Ronda Litoral Highway and take the exit marked PUERTO.
  • Turn right and then follow the signs indicating PUERTO.
  • Ships are berthed at Adossat Terminal (Moll Adossat).

Parking Information

Parking is not available.

Security at the Pier

Please expect delays related to security and immigration procedures when arriving at the pier to board the ship. These procedures have been designed for your safety and all attempts will be made to expedite you through the process as quickly as possible.

For any day of travel concerns you may have, please contact our local cruise line representative Intercruises at +34.93.301 2244 or us at (800) 256-6649 or (305) 539-4107.


* All rates and prices are subject to change.

** Royal Caribbean is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles

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