How To Stay Fit When Cruising

Fun, easy ways to eat healthy and be active at sea.
by 805

Love to exercise but worried you can’t maintain your fitness routine on a cruise? Don’t fret: On today’s modern ships, you’ll find fitness facilities and tasty, healthy dining options around every corner, so there’s no reason you can’t stay healthy while you’re away. Here are six simple tips for staying fit while vacationing on the high seas.

1. Shift Your Mindset

How many of us wish we had a personal chef to prepare delicious, healthy meals for us—along with a state-of-the-art gym full of our favorite equipment? That’s exactly what you have onboard each ship in Royal Caribbean’s fleet. Plan for fully equipped fitness centers, classes like yoga, cycling and sculpting, and a ton of outdoor activities like a running track, golf, basketball and soccer, just to name a few. Start thinking of your next cruise as a floating gym and wellness spa.


2. Eat Smart (Most Of The Time)

It’s easy to be tempted by high-calorie options—and since you’re on vacation, some level of indulgence is in order. But for breakfast and lunch, consider the huge variety of fresh fruit that you don’t have to wash and prep; the delectable, made-to-order omelets; and the extensive salad bar featuring more healthy toppings than you could ever stock in your home fridge or pantry.

For dinner, look to the wealth of seafood, lean meats and vegetables available. Royal Caribbean prides itself on offering guests a wide range of cuisine on its ships, many brought to life through partnerships with health-minded celebrity chefs. Focus on making healthy choices, but allow yourself to splurge a little when it’s really worth it.

3. Watch The Liquid Calories

It’s hard to resist a frozen drink topped off with a mini umbrella when you’re on vacation, but don’t have too many piña coladas or strawberry daiquiris; they’re full of sugar. Instead, consider alcoholic beverages with fewer ingredients, such as a gin and tonic with a few limes, or a glass of wine or light beer. Drinking smart applies to non-alcoholic drinks, too—take it easy with soda and fancy coffee drinks, opting instead for water and unsweetened iced tea (both of which are free onboard).

4. Take The Stairs And Get Outside

Stair climbing burns seven times more calories than riding an elevator and offers plenty of other benefits, too. If you’re able, commit to taking the stairs for your entire trip—even if it means passing up cool views from the glass elevators. The number of calories you’ll burn may surprise you. Also, take advantage of the ocean air and spectacular views by jogging or walking on the top deck, especially in the early morning, when it’s least likely to be crowded. Bring a fitness tracker to keep you motivated.

5. Hit The Fitness Center

You may think the gym is the last place you’ll want to be, but does your usual workout include expert instructors, gravity machines, a kinesis wall, Power Plate or Flywheel? Other active options include surfing, ice skating, rock climbing and inline skating. You can also try something new and take a fitness class like yoga, boot camp, Pilates, boxing or cycling. You never know, you might pick up a new favorite.

6. Get Off The Ship

Put your on-land time to good use. Instead of relaxing in the sun, something you can do onboard during days at sea, take advantage of shore excursions where you can hike, bike and kayak, go snorkeling, zip lining and rafting or, at the very least, explore the destination on foot. The best kind of workout is the kind that’s so much fun it doesn’t even feel like exercise.

With all of these options at your fingertips—and a different attitude to boot—you’ll return from your Royal Caribbean cruise vacation with a new, healthy attitude. Start planning where you’ll go now.