Action Sports And Activities On A Royal Caribbean Cruise

From surfing to ice skating, you and your crew have plenty of adventure awaiting you.
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If you’ll be vacationing with a competitive, high-energy crew or just want to be sure you stay fit during your travels, you may wonder just how much adventure there is on a cruise and whether it will keep everyone entertained. Don’t fret—recently, Royal Caribbean Adventurist Shay Mitchell made sure to hit all of the activities on board Oasis of the Seas. And she found more than enough adrenaline-pumping options to keep her happy, many that you won’t find anywhere else at sea.

Read on to see what Shay had to say about the adventures she just had to try out on board:


The rock climbing wall, for beginners to speed climbers, offers an unparalleled view from 40 feet above deck.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Rock Climbing Wall
Overlooking the ocean, you’ll find two towering rock climbing walls rising 40 feet above the deck. If you’re up for the challenge, the very top has some of the best views around; one of many reasons to conquer the thrilling climb. First, our sports staff will set you up with shoes, a helmet and harness. You then can choose your own path to the top from a variety of routes—opt for the more advanced options or take it easy with helpful handholds to guide you every step of the way. To make it even more interesting, race your friends and family to the top and see who will be the first to triumphantly ring that bell.


FlowRider is a 40-foot-long surf simulator that gives everyone a chance to catch a wave right onboard.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Surf’s up! Where else can you go surfing while on a cruise ship at sea? Royal Caribbean’s signature FlowRider is the perfect place to hang ten standing up or boogie board style (or just cheer from the sidelines while watching wipeouts). The best part is that it’s free and there are two simulators on board, so you can stop by when the surfing mood strikes. If you’re looking to perfect your surfing stance, you can reserve a private lesson from one of our pros for a nominal fee.


Royal Caribbean is the first and only cruise line with ice-skating rinks right at sea.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Ice Skating
If you’re looking to tap your inner Olympian, there’s the Studio B ice rink—yes, ice skating in the middle of the ocean. With open skate times, feel free to practice your triple axel or just get a feel for the ice if you’re a beginner. You pack the pants and long socks, and we’ll provide the other essentials: helmets, elbow and kneepads and skates. What’s more, you can also catch full-scale, ice-skating shows several nights each week, where our talented skaters perform impressive feats you won’t want to miss.


Play mini golf on the green as you enjoy wide, blue ocean views.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Mini Golf
If you prefer to stay dry and have a good time with the family outdoors, swing on over to mini golf, where the whole gang will enjoy putting through windmills, inclined ramps, around boats and many other obstacles to make it exciting and fun. The green is out on the ship’s Sports Deck, so in between holes you can catch 360-degree views of the vast glistening ocean, and then call dibs on a game of ping pong or basketball next.


Brace yourself for a spine-tingling rush as you race above the Boardwalk, suspended on the zip line nine decks up.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Zip Line
One great way to see the Boardwalk neighborhood is with a leisurely stroll around the carousel and vibrant shops, but if you want to add a little more action to your day, get a bird’s-eye view by soaring across the signature zip line, nine decks above it. No reservation needed—just a hunger for adventure.


If all of this excitement caught your attention, there’s plenty more where that came from—like the Vitality Fitness Center, with a full lineup of state-of-the-art machines and fitness classes to enjoy like yoga, Pilates and spinning with expert trainers.

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