Royal Caribbean’s Restaurants Manager on the World’s Longest Cruise

From his favorite dish and entertainment on board, Ultimate World Cruise crew member Tinashe Vumbugwa shares his top sailing tips.
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Royal Caribbean visits more than 240 destinations, including private destination Labadee, Haiti.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

When it comes to traveling the world, diving into new adventures and taking in stunning natural sights, a cruise has it all. Want to know where to go and what to do? The crew members behind every Royal Caribbean cruise have the best tips. Take it from Restaurant Operations Manager Tinashe Vumbugwa, who is adding even more destinations to his list on the Ultimate World Cruise, which will visit 65 countries on all seven continents over 274 nights.

Get to know Tinashe, including what he does, the dish he can’t go without, his favorite spot to watch the sunset and more in this Q&A.  

Tinashe in Tauranga, New Zealand—aka the home of Hobbiton, the location that served as the Shire in the “Lord of the Rings” movies!

Credit: Tinashe Vumbugwa

Q: Let’s get started with your travel experience. How long have you been sailing the world with Royal Caribbean? And what do you do?
Tinashe: I’ve been with Royal Caribbean for 14 years. As a restaurant operations manager, I work with my team to make sure the restaurants on board are serving up incredible meals and memorable experiences to all our guests.


Q: What’s your favorite part about living and working at sea?  
Tinashe: I like that I get to travel to destinations some people can only dream of seeing. It also gives me an opportunity to connect with different people from all over the world, be it guests or fellow colleagues.

Fun Fact: Royal Caribbean crew members represent more than 80 different countries!


Q: Where is the one destination you’re most looking forward to visiting on the Ultimate World Cruise? 
Tinashe: If I had to only choose one, I’d go with Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Getting to see the city’s famous Christ the Redeemer statue is going to be such a magical experience.


On a Royal Caribbean cruise, you can explore over 10 different Mediterranean destinations, like the beautiful Greek Isles.


Q: What’s the one item you always pack for a cruise? 
Tinashe: This might be a lesser-known tip, but I always have movies on hand (whether it’s DVDs, a hard drive or streaming login). There’s nothing better than ending a busy day by relaxing with some food and something good to watch!


Q: Speaking of food, what’s the one thing on board that you could eat again and again?  
Tinashe: The tender and well-marinated rack of lamb—cooked medium—has always been my favorite. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! You can find it at Chops Grille, located on all ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet.

Pro tip: From veal meatballs at Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen to fresh sushi rolls at Izumi, the variety of cuisines aboard Royal Caribbean ships provides something for every taste. 


Q: What are your favorite things to do on board? 
Tinashe: Any activity with the whole crew, like playing Bingo…although I never win!


Tinashe in Mystery Island, Vanuatu. He started exploring the globe with Royal Caribbean in 2008.

Credit: Tinashe Vumbugwa

Q: Do you have a favorite show or production?  
Tinashe: “Dancing with the Stripes” is just so fun and full of excitement.

Fun fact: Dancing with the Stripes is part dance competition and part game show on board. Travelers are paired up with crew members to perform and win over the audience—and their votes. Get your dancing shoes on and put your name in the lottery to be chosen! 


Q: Where would you say is the best view on a ship?   
Tinashe: The open decks, especially the top ones, are by far a ship’s best view for sunrises and sunsets.


Q: What’s one reason Royal Caribbean is a great way to vacation? 
Tinashe: The “wow” factor that Royal Caribbean offers in all aspects and for everyone: Great adventures and ways to relax and unwind completely, delicious food, impressive rooms and, of course, the friendly crew.


The incredible service provided by crew members remains the same in every restaurant, from the Main Dining Room to Wonderland, which serves up imaginative dishes and cocktails.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Q: And now for a quick fire round of “this or that” questions, starting with chill or thrill?  
Tinashe: Thrill.


Q: Mini golf or rock climbing wall? 
Tinashe: Rock climbing wall.


Q: Chocolate chip or Ranger cookie? 
Tinashe: Ranger cookie.


Q: Coco Loco or The Lime & Coconut signature drink? 
Tinashe: The Lime & Coconut.


Q: Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas or Labadee in Haiti? 
Tinashe: Labadee.

Pro tip: Get your adrenaline pumping at Labadee, Royal Caribbean’s private island in Haiti, with activities like the alpine-style Dragon’s Tail Coaster, half-mile-long Dragon’s Breath Flight Line and in-water trampolines.  


Whether you’re in search of a three-day weekend getaway to The Bahamas or a week-long trip through the South Pacific, Royal Caribbean has got you covered. Crew members aboard every ship are ready to help take your vacation to the next level, and you’ll never run out of things to do. Memories are just waiting to be made, and there’s no better place to do it than on a cruise.

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