Here’s how to make the most of your day at this private destination.

8 Hours in Labadee

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Labadee, Haiti is a private destination for Royal Caribbean guests.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Labadee—Royal Caribbean’s private destination located on the northern coast of Haiti—is a little piece of paradise for all. Whether looking for a jolt of adrenaline on the world’s longest overwater zip line or a secluded spot on the beach to catch your breath, there’s plenty of reasons Labadee is one of the top Caribbean cruise destinations.

Want to see what we mean? Here’s how to make sure you maximize your day in Labadee.

The ultimate rush on the island is the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

If you’re an adventure junkie…

Dragon’s Breath Flight Line

Time it takes: 1 hour 15 minutes

Enjoy breathtaking views as you zip down the world’s longest zip line over water—more than 2,600 feet long—at high speeds. You’ll end your thrilling ride at Dragon’s Breath Rock, a unique rock formation where air and water forced through cracks in the rocks make a dragon-like “hissing” sound.

Speedboat and Snorkel

Time it takes: 1 hour 30 minutes

Take a thrilling speedboat ride to one of Haiti’s beautiful reefs. On the way, you’ll catch a glimpse of local villages and picturesque Acul Bay. Once you arrive, you’ll receive equipment and instruction so you’ll be ready to discover marine life—keep an eye out for sea urchins, sand dollars and colorful fish.

Dragon’s Tail Coaster

Time it takes: At your leisure

Hop in, buckle up and make your way down the side of the mountain on this alpine coaster at 30 miles per hour. Before you set off, make sure to take in the breathtaking view from 680 feet up. Then, you’ll dip, wind and weave your way from Santa Maria’s lookout mountain to the beach below.

Arawak Aqua Park

Time it takes: 1 hour

Arawak Aqua Park is the ultimate water playground with the only “icebergs” in the Caribbean, giant floating trampolines, waterslides, a rolling log and a lot of other fun. Taking a beach day to the next level, the young and young at heart will enjoy the dose of adventure as they jump from one obstacle to the next.


Malfini is a serene beach spot to take in the beauty of the destination.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

If you’re a beach bum…

Nellie’s Beach

Time it takes: At your leisure

Nellie’s Beach is the perfect place to spend some time chilling out and enjoying the coastal scenery, and close to the cruise port! You can take a leisurely kayak trip along the coastline, rent floating mats, or sit back on the complimentary beach loungers. If you’re looking to splurge, an overwater cabana nestled on the hillside comes with your very own cabana attendant, and gives you a private space close to the action.

Castaway at Malfini

Time it takes: 3 hours

Escape to a hidden getaway and enjoy a day of uninterrupted relaxation. A catamaran will take you to a remote cove covered by lush vegetation for a day of exploration, swimming and lounging. A trip to this private spot is only complete when you take a sip of the “Malfini punch”: a tropical rum cocktail served in a coconut.

Sandbar Island Getaway

Time it takes: 2 hours 15 minutes

Take a catamaran through Haiti’s reef systems to a secluded sandbar and experience the unique sensation of standing in the open waters of the Caribbean ocean. Listen to Caribbean tunes while you swim, chill out and enjoy a Labadoozie, Labadee’s specialty frozen drink made of dark rum, coconut rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, papaya juice and cream of coconut.


Take a walk back in time and visit some of Haiti’s most historic spots.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

If you’re a history buff…

Labadee Historic Walking Tour

Time it takes: 1 hour

Haiti’s culture is all on its own. Take to the trails to learn more about the traditions and folklore of this Caribbean country. A Haitian historian will tell the tales of prominent events that have impacted both the land and its people in the last 500 years, including stops at Dragon’s Breath Rock and the ruins of Nellie’s Place, a trading post allegedly named after an Englishwoman who established it for visiting ships long ago.

Labadee Traditions

Time it takes: 2 hours

Begin with a boat tour to get a feel for the landscape, before diving into artifacts and practices that bring Haitian history to life. You’ll see a giant furnace commissioned by a leader of the Haitian Revolution and later the country, Henri Christophe, which produced materials for the towering, 19th-centry fortress Citadelle Laferrière, as well as old-world Haitian weaponry and furniture. Haitian Vodou (different from Louisiana Voodoo) shaped the history of the island as well, so you’ll also explore the traditions of this religion.

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