These Top Pink Sand Beaches Await

What’s better than a beach? A pink sand beach. From Greece to Barbados, cruise to these distant shores.
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Explore the wonder of pink sand beaches at popular destinations like The Bahamas and Bonaire.

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When it comes to vacations, a sunny beach getaway is a popular choice—and for good reason: you can unwind with your family, try your hand at snorkeling and take in the beautiful coastal views. With so many beach destinations to choose from, where do you start? Here’s an idea: pink sand beaches.

Yes, there are beaches that have pink sand! The pink coloring comes from shells that have been crushed and scattered throughout the sand, and it’s a sight you must see to believe. Pink sand beaches can be found around the world, like in The Bahamas, Greece and Bermuda. And whether it’s the Caribbean, Europe or beyond, you can take your pick of several Royal Caribbean ships to take you there and multiple other destinations.

To inspire your next getaway, check out this list of six breathtaking pink sand beaches you can visit:

Crane Beach is known for its incredible blue waters and soft sand, overlooked by staggering cliffs.

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Crane Beach – Barbados 

Once a harbor with a large cliffside crane used to load ships, Crane Beach is considered one of Barbados’ most beautiful beaches. With rushes of turquoise waves great for boogie boarding and (of course) stunning pink sand, this Caribbean gem has been recognized as one of the top 10 best beaches in the world. Barbados is a small island, just 21 miles from end to end, so luckily, it’s only a 30-minute drive to Crane Beach from the capital of Bridgetown—which you can cruise to or from on a southern Caribbean itinerary.

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Every onlooker is encouraged to help preserve the ecosystem of Spiaggia Rosa, the island of Budelli’s precious Pink Beach.

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Spiaggia Rosa – Italy

Italy is, of course, rich in culture, history and amazing food. And if you’re looking for some pristine beauty on your Italian getaway, you’re in luck. Off the mainland, on the island of Budelli—one of the seven islands that comprise Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park—you’ll find Spiaggia Rosa (that’s Italian for Pink Beach). The beach’s pink hue is so beautiful that the Italian government named it protected land in 1994. Since then, Spiaggia Rosa must be admired from afar. It’s such a lovely sight that it’s still worth making your way there. During the summer, there are day trips to the island that offer plenty of natural wonders to explore, including scenic views of the famed beach. Be sure to check travel options to Spiaggia Rosa before or after your European cruise.

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Discover the beauty of pink sand on Harbour Island in The Bahamas.

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Pink Sand Beach – The Bahamas

Located along the eastern Atlantic Ocean, you’ll find The Bahamas’ very own Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island. This is a much-loved destination for vacationers visiting the island nation, and it’s no secret why. The 3-mile span of shoreline has a luminous pink pigment. Nearby and colorful in its own right, Harbour Island’s main community—Dunmore Town—features many pastel-colored houses, including the oldest home on the island called the Loyalist Cottage (built in 1797). You can find Harbour Island and Pink Sand Beach about two hours by ferry from Nassau, one of the most popular destinations in The Bahamas.

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Explore the stunning coastline on the island of Crete where you’ll find Elafonissi Beach.

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Elafonissi Beach – Greece

When dreaming of Greece, you more often than not think of the signature opal waters and beaming sun. Elafonissi Beach is a mile-long island very close to Crete, separated by a warm lagoon so shallow that sandbars appear and disappear with the movement of the tides. Along with its signature pink sand, the beach also has iconic rock formations and lots of local flora. From where your ship docks in Greece, it’s about a 1.5-hour car ride to get there.

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On the south end of Bonaire Island, you can find Pink Beach.

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Pink Beach – Bonaire

It’s always sunny in Bonaire—especially at Pink Beach. The dreamy strip of pastel sand, narrowed by a storm in 1999, has become a draw for travelers who want to marvel at the famous pink sand. Plus, there are beautiful coral reefs to explore and that Bonaire works to preserve. These corals are populated with fish and even sea turtles, making for some of the best diving and snorkeling on the island. Take a 15-minute ride to access this awe-inspiring coastal wonder, and let the pink sand speak for itself.

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Horseshoe Bay Beach is home to crystal-clear waters and incredible coastal landscape views.

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Horseshoe Bay Beach – Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of Bermuda’s most famous destinations and among the most photographed. You’ll be able to discover pure bliss there as you linger in the pink sand, enjoy the spectacular views and explore some of the nearby caves. There’s also a hotspot close by known as Rum Bum Beach Bar, right on the coast, where you can enjoy a cool drink or refreshing ice cream—all you need to complete your perfect beach day. And you can easily reach Horseshoe Bay by car or bus in under 30 minutes.

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