Aaerial view of the Arch, El Arco, in Cabo San Lucas. Mexico.
Aaerial view of the Arch, El Arco, in Cabo San Lucas. Mexico.

7 Can't-Miss Cabo Day Trips

8 Hours Of The Most Unique Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas.

By Chantae Reden | Published on September 20, 2022

The fun-loving beach town of Cabo San Lucas is found at the southern point of the Baja Peninsula. This is a land of golden sands, cardón cacti, and where the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez meet. If you're here for only one day and are in search of a thrill (or the best place to chill), these are the best Cabo day trips.

1. See Land's End On Boat Trips In Cabo San Lucas

Jutting from Cabo San Lucas into the sea, you'll find a string of striking rock formations appropriately called Land's End. Under full sunlight, the pinnacles look stark white with dramatic shadows cast on the crags. Come sunrise or sunset, they glow like embers over a shimmering ocean. One of these formations, the Arch, is an impressive geological feat, whittled by wind and sea over thousands of years.

If you're looking for day trip ideas, venture out on a glass bottom boat tour to admire the surrounding seascape, or sail onboard a luxury catamaran to Land's End with a glass of wine in hand. Many of these Cabo day trips offer a stop at Lover's Beach, an intimate cove with soft sand begging for a picnic. On the other side, you'll find another beach, cheekily dubbed Divorce Beach, where waters are notoriously turbulent. As you head back to the marina, keep an eye out for Cabo's most famous thief. Pancho, a sea lion, has a penchant for stealing the catch of the day. You'll often see him hopping onto the back of fishing boats as they motor in from a day out at sea.

2. Search For Gentle Giants On A Whale Watching Tour

One of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas that is sought out by nearly every vacation traveler to the area is to take a local whale watching tour, scanning the waters in search of a flash of gray or a cloud of white sea spray. This region is a haven for humpback whales, gray whales and occasionally orcas. They migrate from the frigid waters near the Arctic to the warm waters found in the Baja Peninsula to mate and give birth. Spot a pod of bull whales competing among themselves or a mother and her playful calf practicing their fin slaps. Dolphins, rays and sea turtles also frequently make appearances on these whale watching tours, making just one day a fulfilling trip.

3. Beach Hop Along Baja's Southern Point

Yes, there's adventure to be had in Cabo San Lucas — but there's plenty of space to relax under the shade of a beach umbrella, too. Medano Beach, the most famous of Cabo beaches, offers its sand and sunshine with a bit of debauchery. You'll find beach vendors selling drinks, food and souvenirs while musicians serenade passersby along the shore. For a swimmable beach that's a little quieter, head to the nearby Chileno Beach. The bluff shaded coves of Balconcito and Coral Negro offer a retreat ideal for reading. You can also find similar things to do in Baja California — plus a beach with a snorkel spot just a few fin kicks away!

4. Dine And Drink In The Heart Of Cabo

Let your taste buds lead the way! Come hungry to experience the best food in Cabo San Lucasto sample while on vacation in Baja Mexico, like piping hot tamales stuffed with spiced chicken, called fajadas. The region is also famed for its seafood, with herbed chocolate clams, smoked marlin, fish stew cooked with beans and rice and other tantalizing dishes on the menus of Cabo's best restaurants. For vegan and vegetarian diners, try plant-based twists on classic Mexican dishes at La Rana Vegana.

While the sun's still out, there's always a perfectly chilled drink to enjoy along the waterfront of Medano Beach. And if your day trip extends past sunset, the streets of Cabo San Lucas thump with live music hailing from the nightclubs and bars along the main road from the marina.

5. Take A Drive Up To Todos Santos

With only one day in Cabo, it's worth it to make the drive about an hour to the small seaside town of Todos Santos, an icon of Baja's art and surf culture. For decades, surfers have been using Todos Santos as a home base.

Spend a few hours wandering the town, ducking into art galleries and boutiques filled with colorful ceramics, paintings, wooden sculptures and woven goods on display. This is a prime place to pick up a souvenir. The central beach is perfect for throwing down a towel, but if you want to surf, it's best to head to Cerritos. This cookie-crumb beach offers board rentals and surf lessons for newbies.

6. Roam Through The Desert On An Atv Adventure

Cabo San Lucas day trips are magical because of the variety this region has to offer. Start your day on one of Cabo's picturesque beaches and end it in an entirely different kind of landscape as you venture inland to the desert. Feel the rush of wind whipping through your hair, dust settling on your skin and the sun warming your shoulders as you roar along dirt desert trails from an ATV. This is one of the best Cabo day trips to immerse yourself in the wild, arid scenery. Trails are lined with agaves, palms, wild figs and cardón cacti, the largest cacti in the world. There are tens of other species of cacti in the region as well that bloom with vibrant flowers for a gorgeous springtime sight.

7. Explore The Underwater World

While Cabo San Lucas's landscape might seem desolate, its seascape is far from. Get under the water for an experience only tangible on day trips in Mexico. Scuba dive along the reef, exploring oddities like underwater sandfalls, with ribbons of sand that cascade down the crags. Snorkelers won't be bored either — rays, reef sharks, sea turtles, moray eels, crabs, urchins and starfish put on a show from the shallows.
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