Lovers Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

As Baja California's most electrifying destination and a playground for the rich and famous, Cabo San Lucas delivers a dreamy set of tropical wonders. Unspoiled shores like Lover's Beach paint the town in brushes of turquoise and white. Fertile ocean waters supply the seafood for fish tacos with adobo sauce. Cruise to Cabo San Lucas and head to Desert Park Natural Reserve to behold expansive cream-colored desert scenery. See soaring natural rock formations plunge into the Sea of Cortez at Land's End, only reachable by boat — the spot is also known for throwing the best beachside parties. Stride along a happy crowd while sipping on a margarita, taking in the impressive views and doing a little dancing while you're at it.
National Language Spanish
Currency Accepted Mexican Peso (MXN)

Things To Do in Cabo San Lucas

The fanous arch in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Famous arch

Natural Monument

Natural Monument

Reachable by water taxi, El Arco ("The Arch") will enchant you. Here, impressive arches naturally formed from rock frame white-sand beaches and crystal-blue waters. Snap a pic of the arch, and catch a glimpse of the sea lions that often pop up to get some sun on the rock formations.

View of Lovers beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico from the sea

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Lovers beach view from sea

Submerge in Love

Submerge in Love

This same water taxi can also drop you off at romantic Playa del Amor — Lover's Beach. Watch the clear waters of the Sea of Cortez crash against the massive eroded granite rocks that rest on the shore.

Colorful houses in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Colorful houses

Creativity Walk

Take a break from the sun and stroll through the old town of San Jose del Cabo, a quick 30 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas. The town's Gallery District is full of small studios where local artists sell their work. Bring your camera to capture the enchanting Spanish colonial architecture of this historic town.

Three shrimp tacos with coleslaw and salsa on a wooden board

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Spring tacos with coleslaw and salsa

Local Cuisine

Cabo San Lucas' cuisine is as exotic and mesmerizing as its vistas. Cruise to Cabo San Lucas to savor delicious chocolate clams, tamales fajados (chicken tamales), tamales guemes (pork, raisin and olive tamales), spicy shrimp tacos and their famous comida de pobres (seafood stew). Then wash it all down with clamato, a sweet tomato and clam drink.

Various decorative Mexican bowls for sale

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Decorative bowls


Head to San Jose del Cabo for beautiful and varied local handicrafts in places like Silver Moon Gallery, Indian Hands and Curios Carmela. Another great stop during your Cabo San Lucas cruise is La Coyota, an hacienda-turned-shop where you can find embroideries, toys, hand-painted bowls and other types of pottery.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Drive the coast that connects both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo for gorgeous seascapes and delicious cuisine by the sea.
2 Stop by the San Jose del Cabo farmers market and take succulent fruits and vegetables with you to the beach.

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