Black Friday All-Inclusive Vacation Deals Too Good to Miss

You aren't going to find a better value for all-inclusive vacation deals than traveling by cruise.

By Robert Schrader | Published on October 27, 2022

There's never a bad time to start browsing Black Friday all-inclusive vacation deals, and with cyber deals starting earlier, it is a great idea even if it's months from Thanksgiving. This is especially true if you've got travel on the brain, whether you picture yourself on a luxurious cruise ship or sunbathing on a tropical beach.

Booking travel on Black Friday or Cyber Monday can be a good investment for nearly any time of the year, and you'll likely save money on all aspects of your trip. Let's take a look at what to keep in mind before you start scoring deals.

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What Makes A Good Black Friday Deal?

Greece Santorini Woman Enjoying the Coast View
Greece Santorini Woman Enjoying the Coast View

Are there good travel deals on Black Friday? Absolutely. But the value you'll find depends on your specific travel situation. For example, if you're simply looking to save on flights, you may only find a Black Friday bargain if you're flying to certain destinations on a specific airline. Likewise, the time of year you plan to travel can influence how much you save.

Sometimes, you'll already have a flight in mind and only need a hotel or rental car. While these deals tend to be more tailored to destination and seasonality than flights, they can be just as lucrative. To increase your odds of landing one of these cyber vacation deal specials, try to be open to many potential vacation spots and times of year — follow the deals to your destinations.

You can usually find the best bargains on all-inclusive Black Friday deals, which combine hotels, flights and, in some cases, rental cars. Travel providers are looking to clear as much inventory as possible and will reward travelers willing to pre-book travel. Depending on the deal, you may also save if you book activities or excursions as part of your travel package.

These deals are also available through traditional and online travel agencies, too. Make sure to subscribe to email or social media updates from your go-to travel advisor before Black Friday. It may also help to be part of a loyalty program, depending on the travel agency. More rarely, you may have to pay using a certain type of credit card.

Forest Piton Peaks, Castries St. Lucia
Forest Piton Peaks, Castries St. Lucia

Why Cruises Are The Best For Black Friday All-inclusive Vacation Deals

Wonder of the Seas The Vue Bar Friends Enjoying Cocktail
Wonder of the Seas The Vue Bar Friends Enjoying Cocktail

One of the best ways to take advantage of a Black Friday vacation deal that's all-inclusive is to book a cruise. Cruises tend to present an incredible value, because they bundle your accommodation and meals onboard the ship, they offer so many fun onboard activities and you can book on-land excursions at an incredibly low price right from the cruise line. Even if you don't get a special bargain when booking cruise travel, consider that the price includes everything you need, and it will almost certainly be lower than assembling the trip à la carte.

If you add Black Friday discounts — potentially 10% to 20% off — on top of the value cruising provides, it can amount to a truly unbeatable deal. This is especially true if you're flexible about where and when you travel or if you're able to book and pay as soon as deals go live on Black Friday. Depending on where you go and your base cruise price before discounts, this could end up being one of the best travel deals you ever get.

Like ordinary Black Friday travel specials, subscribe to updates from your favorite cruise companies for a heads-up on specials. You may need to access these bargains through dedicated websites or shopping portals, or with promo codes that let you unlock the exclusive prices. Booking with a travel advisor? They’ll be up to speed with booking requirements to get you those great deals.

Because these are Black Friday packages, you'll likely have a limited time to book, though you could get the entire weekend. They may also be subject to inventory limits — they're often first-come, first-serve.

Eastern Caribbean Woman Enjoying a Hammock
Boomer Relaxing on the Beach

An added benefit of shopping cruises on Black Friday? Planning travel during this typically cold time of the year in the U.S. can lift spirits, particularly if you're considering Caribbean cruises or summer cruises to the Mediterranean. Plus, is there anything better than giving yourself or someone else a gift of travel for the holidays?

Tip: If you can't find the deal you want on Black Friday, some travel companies also offer specials on Travel Tuesday, after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These packages are often exclusive to subscribers or members, so you'll want to sign up for emails (or, in some cases, the company's loyalty program) ahead of late November.

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Finding Black Friday & Cyber Monday All-inclusive Vacation Inspiration

Symphony of the Seas On Boarding
Symphony of the Seas On Boarding

Spend some time soaking up inspiration before booking your ideal Cyber Monday or Black Friday all-inclusive deal. Many travelers like to head to the Caribbean, whether it's to check out countries like Mexico and Belize or islands like Antigua, Aruba and the Dominican Republic.

The Caribbean is only the beginning of where a Black Friday cruise can take you. If you're thinking of traveling next spring or summer, you can cruise through more northern latitudes. What about a Mediterranean cruise that docks in Spain or Croatia, or cruising through the glacier of Alaska?

Another option is to travel during winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia and New Zealand are at their best in December and January, whether you snorkel or scuba dive at Australia's Great Barrier Reef or hike the dramatic scenery of New Zealand's South Island. If you're especially adventurous, you could book a cruise that stops in the New Zealand city of Queenstown, one of the global capitals of skydiving and bungee jumping. 

If you have time to spend and really want to see the world, book a global cruise. While these vary in scope and price, most of them visit at least five continents and last for several months. They're similar to "round the world" trips that some travelers book independently, but save you from the expensive and inconvenient intercontinental flights. Plus, depending on which ship you're on, you may actually be able to see the world — the entire world — in much greater comfort than even five-star independent travelers.

Like ordinary Black Friday travel specials, subscribe to updates from your favorite cruise companies for a heads-up on specials.

Tips For Keeping An Eye Out For The Best Deals On All-inclusive Travel

Odyssey of the Seas Greece Daytime
Odyssey of the Seas Greece Daytime

Are there better vacation deals on Black Friday & Cyber Monday/Week? Yes, and the good news is you'll be ready to go whenever this year's Black Friday all-inclusive vacation deals go live. The better news? If you happen to find discounts on Black Friday cruise deals above and beyond the exceptional value that cruises usually offer, you may land on your best trip yet.

Whether you find yourself in the Caribbean, Europe or in other exotic destinations, here's to you booking your next excursion out to sea on Black Friday — and for much less than you originally planned to spend.

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