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By Melissa Alvarado Sierra | Published on September 29, 2023

Every year, Travel Tuesday cruise deals enter the holiday discount scene the day after Cyber Monday. Just as everyone returns home, the leftovers run out, and the Thanksgiving platters are stashed away until next year, great travel deals continue to take center stage. Cruise aficionados and seafaring connoisseurs hit the virtual waters, diving into slashed prices and enticing offers on trips from the Caribbean to Alaska, the Mediterranean to the South Pacific. You can set a new course toward adventure in just a few clicks from the comfort of your own couch while saving on great itineraries, luxurious staterooms and the hottest new ships at sea.

So What Exactly Is Travel Tuesday?

Put simply, it's a one-day, industry-wide travel fare sale that extends cyber shopping and might help satisfy your vacation cravings at a bargain. We're talking flight prices that won't break the bank, hotel rates with generous discounts and cruise deals you won't find any other time of year. Choose all three, and you have the essential ingredients for a pretty great vacation.

When is Travel Tuesday?

Travel Tuesday cruise deals are a digital-age phenomenon. First came the deals of Cyber Monday, where virtual storefronts flung open their doors to eager shoppers seeking discounts. Then, in the spirit of carving out its own slice of the digital pie, the travel industry introduced Travel Tuesday.

As the clock strikes midnight, just as Cyber Monday is ending, Travel Tuesday begins.

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Yearning for a tranquil retreat, an adrenaline-pumping vacation or cultural immersion? Travel Tuesday is a great opportunity to book the perfect escape for less.

How Should I Prepare For Travel Tuesday?

Before you even start planning your Travel Tuesday cruise deals strategy, let's take care of some important basics. First, sign up for email alerts so that you're among the first to be notified about offers. Remember that deals can change regularly before Travel Tuesday kicks off.

Next, make sure you're also signed up for the Crown and Anchor loyalty program updates, which rewards guests with exclusive offers, priority access and more.

How Do I Get The Best Deal On Travel Tuesday?

When entering the world of Travel Tuesday cruise deals, if you haven't already found your perfect cyber deal, timing is key, so aim for mid-morning to start your cruise deal hunt. By this point, most cruise lines and travel providers will have uploaded their offerings, giving you a fuller picture of the discounts available while allowing you enough time to secure prime staterooms and itineraries.

The next step (and it's an important one) is flexibility. While you might have a specific destination or week in mind for your vacation, consider being open to several places and a variety of dates in order to maximize the potential savings on your vacation shopping expedition. Remember: Cruises departing on less popular days of the week or during off-peak times (when many travelers are bound to school schedules) often carry lower price tags, so pay attention to the details.

Travel Tuesday cruise deals can vanish fast, so you want to be ready to act when you find one. If you see what you were looking for in terms of budget, date or destination, don't hesitate to book. When you visit Last Minute Cruise Deals you will find plenty of available discounts, but the best deals sell out quickly. Plan in advance by letting your travel partners know that time is of the essence. You need to be ready to make decisions quickly so that you can score the best deal.

Travel Tuesday cruise deals can vanish fast, so you want to be ready to act when you find one.

What's Included In Travel Tuesday Deals?

Each promotion is irresistible and will include different things, so it's important to read the descriptions carefully to understand the benefits of each deal. Make sure you know what the deal is about and how you can make the best of what it offers by understanding cruise-related terminology. For example, some deals include instant savings, which means you'll see the amount discounted from your total at checkout when you book the sailing. 

If you live near a departure port, sometimes you could look for resident-only specials. These are usually instant discounts that apply at the time of checkout. The ones from Florida are especially great deals because there are so many local departure ports — Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and Port Canaveral (just outside of Orlando).

You can also consider scheduling a mini vacation in your departure city if you have the time for it. You can be flexible in terms of dates and locations here as well. For example, Miami and Fort Lauderdale are only 30 miles apart, which means you can look for the cheapest flights into either city for your cruise departure. The same thing applies to ports in the Mediterranean: You can fly to a nearby city that is cheaper and find your way to the departure port by car or train, turning the journey into an extended vacation. It's the perfect blend of land and sea adventures with extra discounts to sweeten the trip.

What Destinations Have The Best Travel Tuesday Deals?

It's hard to predict which places will be included in Travel Tuesday deals. In the end, the best deal is the one that gets you where you want to go. In the Caribbean, you'll find postcard-perfect shores with dreamy, pool-like waters on islands like Aruba and Curaçao. In the Mediterranean, you can explore sun-washed towns in Santorini, Greece and culturally rich cities like Barcelona, Spain that show off their famous architecture.

And it's not just about the destination: cruise ships are like playgrounds on water. You can scale rock-climbing walls, catch a wave on a surf simulator and sink a putt on a mini golf course perched high above the waves. You can treat yourself at the spa or indulge in world-class cuisine and unforgettable Broadway-style stage shows followed by a night of dancing. Just think of your cruise as an early holiday present to yourself, and getting a head start on the new year's bucket list.

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Melissa Alvarado Sierra is a journalist, author and sailor. She's been exploring coastal destinations around the world for more than a decade, always searching for authentic experiences to share with her adventurous readers. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in The New York Times, Lonely Planet, Orion Magazine, AFAR, USA Today and others.

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