View of the small tropical island of Belize Cayes. Belize
View of the small tropical island of Belize Cayes. Belize

You Better Belize It

Belize Cruises

Discover rainforests and ancient ruins beside the turquoise sea with a cruise to Belize.

Cruise to Belize to discover a blend of blue waters, green mountains and wooden houses painted in shades of pink, yellow and orange. Head to immaculate island beaches like Ambergris Caye, where you can dive into warm Caribbean waters and snorkel along the Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest coral reef in the world. Walk up the ruins of mysterious Mayan towers at Xunantunich and Caracol, or hike or mountain bike your way through the jungle at Don Elijio National Park, catching glimpses of tropical toucans as you trek. Discover the magic with a Belize cruise.

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Jungle Waterfalls in Belize
Jungle Waterfalls in Belize

Into The Wilderness

The best Belize cruises will take you to enter a beautiful wild world, get a dose of underwater adventure and go deep into the forested areas to meet with jungle creatures and bathe under waterfalls during your vacation. 

Diving Deep

The east coast of Belize is the stage for some of the most beautiful sea encounters in Central America. Dive the warm waters to find the Belize Barrier Reef, second only to Australia's, where you can explore the hundreds of colorful coral species that call this place their home.

Lapping Waves

Kick back at Placencia Peninsula with its soft sand and array of beachfront restaurants and bars. Head to Hopkins Village Beach for a nap by the beach under the palm tree shadows that cover the shore. Or hop on a boat to the cayes, like Ambergris, South Water and Laughingbird, and find even more beaches with soft sand.

Jungle Tunes

Listen to jungle sounds as you zip-line through the rainforest in Belize and keep an eye for the howler monkeys, foxes and kinkajou, a tiny and adorable rainforest mammal. Search for secret waterfalls and swimming holes within the forest and take your time to identify the tropical birds around you.

Belize Ancient Mayan Ruins
Belize Ancient Mayan Ruins

Cultural Immersion

Mayan ruins tell the story of an ancient and mysterious past, while Belize's museum protects the country's blended heritage. Cruise to Belize where everything is celebrated with good food in the end.

Mother Maya

Head to the Toledo's DeeparagraphCopy South and the Cayo District to explore Mayan archaeological wonders nestled within untouched jungle, like the step towers of Altun Ha and Xunantunich dating back to thousands of years ago.

Preserving the past

The most iconic museum in the entire country is the Museum of Belize, a former prison turned cultural exhibition that showcases the history of the country. Visit Belize to learn how it is influenced by Mayan traditions. For contemporary art and souvenirs, visit the Art Box, where you can get your hands on local arts and crafts while learning about the artists of Belize.

Feast On This

Belize is known for its tasty rice and beans and chicken escabeche. Having a fertile coast means that many dishes are prepared with fish, like hudut, a fish soup cooked in coconut milk with cilantro and okra. 

Belize Blue Ocean Water
Belize Blue Ocean Water

Best Belize Cruises

A cruise to Belize is filled with exciting destinations, each with its own style and vibe. Discover Belize onboard the Best Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships.

Caribbean Cool

See Belize's colorful barrier reef and dense jungle as part of a cruise to the Western Caribbean, stopping to laze on the pristine beaches of Honduras and Mexico along the way.

Twin Adventures

Opt for a cruise to Mexico and Belize so you can compare and contrast the two countries' ancient ruins and rainforest thrills.

Belize Cruises Insider

If you're lucky enough to take a nap in a cabana, open your ears to the wildlife around you. You may hear warring howler monkey tribes in the distance, the squawk of toucans and the ever-present chime of crickets.

While Belize is home to thousands of friendly species, there are some you should take extra care to respect. Snakes tend to like to hang from trees and drop suddenly when they're feeling hungry or lazy, so be sure to look up. Wolf spiders are large but docile creatures — so don't get too spooked when you see their glowing eyes!

Some of the most vibrant life in this land is under the water. Head to the beach to snorkel among sting rays, play with bottlenose dolphins and find yourself fin-to-fin with sea turtles. Break open a coconut and sip its sweet milk while floating in the salty water.



Because Belize used to be a British colony, most locals speak English.


Instead of renting a car, rent a golf cart, which can be less expensive and more fun.


Anytime is a good time to visit Belize — the country enjoys warm weather all year.

Belize's Cuisine
Bite Into Belize

Belize's cuisine makes use of Caribbean and Latin American classic recipes along with modern influences, cooking up flavors that are all Belizean.

A Little Extra

This is not your average plate of chicken: Most Belizean recipes also include hot sauce for an added punch. Try jerk chicken wings over rice and beans or spicy chicken stewed in coconut milk.

Taste The Waves

Belize's coastal location makes for a cuisine rich in seafood. Try hudut garifuna, an indigenous preparation of snapper over coconut milk, served alongside a plantain mash and cassava bread. Or grab a plate of barbecue conch tacos from a vendor on one of Belize's island beaches.

Snack Attack

Salbutes are a tasty snack composed of a fried and flaky corn tortilla topped with chicken, cabbage, tomato and sauce.


Explore other incredible coasts during your Belize cruise. Make stops in ports like Cozumel and Costa Maya, Mexico, Key West, Florida and Roatán, Honduras, beaming with clear waters and deep green forests.

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