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Cruise to Banana Coast, Trujillo, Honduras

Columbus first landed in mainland Central America along the Honduras coast near Trujillo in 1502— and yet today this off-the-path locale remains one of Central America’s best-kept secrets. Nestled between the crescent-shaped Bay of Trujillo and the rainforest-enveloped Cordillera de Dios range, you’ll find the colonial town of Trujillo. Cruise to Honduras and explore streets where Spanish conquistadors, pirates, the Afro-Caribbean Garifuna and Pech peoples all left their mark. Venture beyond the beach to explore the underwater world of star-studded Starfish Bay. Hike up hidden waterfalls. Encounter exotic monkeys. Or zipline through misty treetops in dense rainforest canopy.
National Language Spanish
Currency Accepted Honduran Lempira (HNL)

Things To Do in Banana Coast, Trujillo

banana coast honduras capuchin monkey family

banana coast honduras capuchin monkey family

A Natural Playground

A Natural Playground

Paddle a kayak around the spindly mangrove forest tunnels and expansive wetlands of Guaimoreto Lagoon, a nature reserve teeming with rare roseate spoonbills, crocodiles, iguanas, monkeys, manatees, sloths and other local wildlife.

The ruins of the Santa Barbara fort in Honduras

Banana Coast, Honduras, Santa Barbara Fort

If Walls Could Talk

Get a firsthand glimpse into Trujillo’s buccaneer and Spanish colonial legacy while walking among the timeworn walls of Santa Barbara Fort. The 17th-century bayside citadel houses an impressive collection of muskets and Garifuna masks— plus pirate and naval relics. It’s also the site of American adventurer William Walker’s firing squad execution.

banana coast honduras woman jungle zipline

banana coast honduras woman jungle zipline

Out Of Bounds

Among Campo del Mar’s four distinct outdoor parks you can do a bit of it all, from tracing a 500-year-old Spanish trade route and exploring Maya caves to ziplining through cloud forest, tubing along the Mahoguay River, and soaking up the Honduran sun along the shore.

banana coast honduras bale ada cuisine

banana coast honduras bale ada cuisine

Local Cuisine

Fresh Caribbean seafood is the star on most menus. Don’t miss sopa de caracol (conch stew) and baleada, a popular flour tortilla snack filled with beans, cheese and cream. For traditional Garifuna flavors, try ereba, cassava bread made with ancient cookery methods. Feeling really adventurous? Sip on guifiti, a rum-soaked plant-based spirit prized in the indigenous community for its healing properties.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Most shops close from noon to 2 p.m. for locals to enjoy their midday meal.
2 A 10% tip is typical for restaurant servers and tour guides, but gratuities aren’t expected in taxis.

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